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Who is Stoudman? Well, his real name is Justin Wren. Justin has been writing reviews and articles about film, television and video games for several years. While majoring in English at Portland State University, he minored in film studies. With an extensive understanding of film history and production, Justin often includes at least a bit of film theory in his reviews. Justin got his start writing for MovieCynics.com, but has since gone on to produce articles for TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com and TVStoreOnline.com. He is the owner of G33k-e.com and presides over the editing of all content produced for the site in addition to producing his own content.

Horseface – Independent Short Film


Hey guys, do you like scary movies? Well, what about scary short films? Well, Jeff Miller recently released his short flick Horseface upon the world and it is quite the shocker. Finding its influence in some of the more popular modern horror classics of our time, this one is definitely more cheesy than serious. That ...

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PixelJunk Shooter Review – Game Reviews


With all of the shooter games on the market, it’s got to be easy to miss a few of them here and there. Of course, having a name as simplistic and relatively uninspiring as PixelJunk Shooter doesn’t exactly sell gamers on the concept. Unless you’ve had the chance to really see what this game is ...

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Cowboys & Aliens Free Movie Cash Deal – Hot Deals

Cowboys vs Aliens

With the release of Cowboys & Aliens right around the corner, Universal has done what so many studios have been doing the past few years: They’ve attached movie cash to some of their DVDs and Blu-rays to see the movie for free. However, in this case the deal is actually quite sweet, and it’s much ...

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Netflix Announces Major Price Change


If you’re a Netflix member, you’re going to be receiving an email in the next few days informing you of a price change. In the past, as their services rose in popularity, so did their prices. However, they never rose by nearly this much. Effective September 1st, Netflix will be charging separate fees for their ...

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Rango Blu-ray/DVD $5 Off – Hot Deals


Hey guys! I felt I’d be doing you wrong if I didn’t mention this awesome sale. Rango is about to be released on Blu-ray/DVD and we’ve already got a special deal for the well received film. So who is offering the coupon? Well, this time it appears you won’t have to go to any special ...

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Planetside 2 – Screenshots and Trailer


Hey guys, I didn’t have much time for a post today so I decided to show you some pretty pictures instead. Okay, so Sony just recently released a bevy of new content related to the new game Planetside 2, coming to a PC near you. Planetside 2 is perhaps best described as an MMOFPS game, ...

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Facebook Implements Changes – In With the Old, Out With the New


If you’re a Facebook user, chances are you’ve noticed a few changes that they recently made to their site. In an alliance with Skype, Facebook has crafted an in-browser video chat program. While this new feature is definitely an improvement to their social networking model, other changes they have decided to make are much less ...

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Sony Introduces PSN Pass – Greed Wins the Day


Okay, so we’ve all seen this before. Last year, Electronic Arts decided to start making people pay for the use of DLC and Online content from some of the used games in their catalog. The concept behind this “Pass” is designed to encourage consumers to buy the game new rather than used. The pass is ...

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