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Who is Stoudman? Well, his real name is Justin Wren. Justin has been writing reviews and articles about film, television and video games for several years. While majoring in English at Portland State University, he minored in film studies. With an extensive understanding of film history and production, Justin often includes at least a bit of film theory in his reviews. Justin got his start writing for MovieCynics.com, but has since gone on to produce articles for TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com and TVStoreOnline.com. He is the owner of G33k-e.com and presides over the editing of all content produced for the site in addition to producing his own content.

Top 5 Lessons Learned From Twitch Plays Pokemon


5. When People Put Their Heads Together, They Get Nowhere Fast You know how they say that every large crowd of people includes at least one psychopath? Well, let TPP stand as the perfect example of just how accurate that concept really is. During this gameplay, we’ve encountered several people – even groups of like-minded ...

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#ProjectFlix: Watching 365 Movies in 365 Days


Some people play a lot of video games. Others read a lot of comics. My friend Brandon and I? We’re film buffs. We like to watch movies – a lot. He went to school to learn how films were made and was even involved in the process of producing some of them, learning about film ...

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Why Shia LaBeouf’s Statement is Anything But Artistic


On the off chance that you aren’t aware of the recent controversy surrounding Shia LaBeouf, allow me to explain. Late last year, it was revealed that LaBeouf’s short film HowardCantour.com was an almost completely plagiarized piece based on the work of Daniel Clowes. LaBeouf apologized for the plagiarism on Twitter and in various other crazy ...

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Dilbert: The Complete Series DVD Review


Back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, television studios were just starting to become more willing to take a chance on an unproven animated series. This resulted in a few adaptations of popular comic strips, perhaps most notably including Scott Adams’ unforgettable Dilbert. While some were unimpressed with the animated series, others felt it was one ...

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Robocop (2014) Movie Review


Surprisingly, this movie has proven to be very divisive. Despite many writing it off as a lost cause before it ever even came out, many critics and moviegoers alike are reporting that the new remake of Robocop is actually pretty good. In fact, it was one of these reviews that convinced me to head out ...

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The Cosby Show Season 1 – DVD Review


The Cosby Show was one of several television series in the 80’s that bucked many a trend. One could argue that it was one of the first sitcoms to depict a normal African American household from a slightly upper class neighborhood. Of course, this could lead to even more debate about the legitimacy of that ...

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Why Disney’s Frozen Needs To Win An Oscar


I have had the great pleasure of watching as Disney slowly became more progressive with their animated features. In recent years, we have seen stronger female characters than usual in Rapunzel (Tangled) and Tiana (The Princess and the Frog). However, it wasn’t until I saw Frozen that I truly believed that the company had turned ...

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Married With Children Season One – DVD Review


If you remember a time when seeing a character like Al Bundy on television was a rare occurrence, then you’ll immediately appreciate the appeal of this show. In a day and age when television shows such as South Park and Family Guy populate the airwaves (or should I say digital signals?), it can sometimes be ...

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