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A movie fan with an appetite for most anything geek. Comics, games, home theater, 90s cartoons, and everything in between.

Movies to Watch Before I Die

Death pathway

Recently, I spent a week in the hospital. I had a couple procedures done that while mild and quite common, did leave me laying in a hospital bed alone in a town that I had never been in. More than 800 miles away from friends and family, I was watching trashy television while mentally pacing ...

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Pacific Rim (2013) – New Movie Review


PACIFIC RIM – was it worth the wait?

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Workaholics – Seasons 1 & 2 Combo Doggy Blu Ray

workaholics_3-2_full 2

WORKAHOLICS, what can I say about this show? How about it’s one of the funniest shows on TV? Yeah, I’ll go with that. It’s one of the funniest shows on TV. I have to be honest; I unfairly judged this show based on the previews and the commercials that Comedy Central used to promote the ...

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American Horror Story: Season 1 Blu-ray Review


A crack of thunder snaps across the starless night sky. Darkness envelops the town and casts my home in shadow. I am alone and surrounded all at once; their breath carries the scent of those past. I slide my feet along the concrete floor, my shoes sifting their way through years of dust and a ...

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Doug Stanhope – An Oddity’s Oddity


I’ve been a fan of standup since I was a kid. I distinctly remember being 1 of 3 kids in my middle school that knew who George Carlin was. I can also very much remember my first George Carlin DVD, YOU ARE ALL DISEASED. Not only was it some of the funniest stuff I had ...

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Dexter: Season 7 – Blu-ray


DEXTER Season 7, the little season that could, and did… sort of. The last two seasons of the series have been relatively disappointing, with season six being the lowest part of the series so far, and it seems as if the show’s producers put their ears to the message boards and actually took notice. Unfortunately, ...

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The Wire Experience


Let’s start this strong; THE WIRE is one of the best crime dramas to ever appear on television. Considering there seems to be a new crime drama series premiering every other week on every other channel, that’s saying something. THE WIRE has been cited as one of the most true to life crime dramas on ...

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The Market: Over Saturated


In today’s world, most of us stay suspended within a state of never ending connection to the World Wide Web. Utilizing ever evolving pocket sized mobile devices, we are constantly being updated, poked and prodded, and drawn into a world of wild accusations, depraved opinions, trolls, rumors, and out right lies. It’s no wonder why ...

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