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Skinslip is the pseudonym of Brandon Henriksen. He is a media maven, cult film historian, a horror hound, the Curator of Crap, and a kaiju expert. He co-hosts Movie [email protected] [email protected], Breaking the 4th Wall, and Saturday Night Insanity. He is a former professional gamer.

Cinematic Catastrophe: Slaughter Tales


A film. Shot on a laptop. By a 14 year old.

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Cinematic Catastrophe: I Spill Your Guts


A throwback to trashy exploitation films and shot on video trash epics.

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4-Movie Hollywood Hits: Return of the Vampire/Revenge of Frankenstein/Mr. Sardonicus/Brotherhood of Satan – DVD Review


Today we’re going to review another set from Mill Creek, this time with 4 veritable horror classics.

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4-Movie Hollywood Hits: Anatomy/Anatomy 2/Double Vision/April Fool’s Day – DVD Review


Mill Creek is well known for their budget releases, and this is one release that promised to please many horror fans. Was it a good release? Well, let me just do a review of each film before I get into that.

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Cinematic Catastrophe: The Disco Exorcist


I didn’t expect Disco Exorcist to be so goddamn awesome.

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Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale – Graphic Novel Review

porcelain title

It’s hard to really put my feelings about this graphic novel down into words. Sometimes you read something which offers such a mixed bag that you don’t really know how to define it. Porcelain is one of those experiences. At times you’ll be asking what the author was trying to do, and at other times ...

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Cinematic Catastrophe: Night of the Living Dead Reanimated


There have been numerous remakes of George Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead. Could Reanimated beat Tom Savini’s 1990 remake as the best remake of this original classic?

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Cinematic Catastrophe: TerrorVision


TerrorVision is one of those films that should have a bigger following. It should be loved by everyone for it’s over the top goofy fun.

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