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Jerron Yost (AKA The Phreak) is the wrestling and MMA writer for g33k-e.com. When not overanalyzing fake or legitimate violence, he can be found trying to slog through his Steam backlog or listening to some crappy mixtape he found in the depths of DatPiff.com.

Thoughts on Thursday’s WWE Releases


On Thursday, eight WWE superstars, one authority figure, one diva, and one referee were released from their contracts. Some needed to be cut, some will probably be back at some point, and some cuts were just baffling. These will be in the order listed in WWE’s press release (found here). A brief history: JTG got his money, ...

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Before They Were Stars Mini: Hulk Hogan vs. Antonio Inoki


Good evening and welcome to this mini-installment of Before They Were Stars. The actual Before They Were Stars series will consist of retrospectives on the independent (or regional if we’re talking MMA) careers of popular talents. For the Minis though, we’ll be taking a look at one match at a time. This week, it’s Hulk ...

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