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Could Superman’s Powers Actually Be Possible?

Well, there is new evidence to suggest that his power of flight may have been possible had the super hero actually existed. Okay, so this is essentially pseudo-science, but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities, right? For so long, the tale of a super human being with the ability to fly has been one kept on the pages of comic books and sometimes on the silver screen; an excellent example of science fantasy versus science fiction. However, after the revelations of a recent study performed by a group of students at the University of Leicester, the question of the possibility of super human powers such as flight has suddenly been given new light.

Titan_Earth_Moon_ComparisonIn the peer-reviewed paper, students asked the question of whether or not human flight would be possible on Saturn’s moon of Titan. With a dense, nitrogen rich atmosphere and the perfect environment for human beings to perform feats otherwise impossible on Earth, it has long been assumed that flight could theoretically be possible on Titan with the aid of a winged device of some sort. To put this theory to the test, the scientific paper referenced a wingsuit – a device commonly used by skydivers in order to obtain mobility (or flight) while falling. By giving the concept a readily available winged device with defined capabilities, they were able to take the information they had about the atmosphere and environment of Titan and compare it with the capabilities of the wingsuit here on Earth.

After they ran through the numbers, they determined that a human would probably lift off into flight on Titan if they were wearing a wingsuit and ran at a speed of at least 11 meters per second. Now then, are there any human beings that run this quickly? Well, Usain Bolt has shown this ability. At top speeds, Bolt has been clocked at 12.27 meters per second, which would be more than fast enough to take flight on Saturn’s moon. While the scientists may have stopped there, the geek in me had to ask the question we all want to know – would it be possible for a humanoid being from another planet (a planet with just the right atmosphere and environment) to come to earth and achieve feats that would appear to us to be super human in nature?

Well, if it’s possible for a man to travel to another planet and perform super human deeds, why wouldn’t it be possible for an alien being to do the same on Earth?


Assuming that Krypton had the right environment to make Kal-El appear to have super human strength and capabilities on this planet, the science behind this study indicates that it may very well be possible. Of course, this has been the basis for his story since day one, but what started out as scientifically probable now appears to be much closer to being scientifically possible. I know I’m probably reaching here, but I really think the possible implications of this study are quite interesting and they could easily lend credence to the concept of an alien being coming to Earth and displaying abnormally powerful abilities.

usain-bolt_2269961bTo be fair, there is no indication that any super human feat such as this would be possible without the aid of some kind of device, so if Superman did ever come to Earth, he’d probably still need some sort of wingsuit in order to achieve flight. Now if only we could get some scientists to perform more studies which would show whether or not he could see through walls, run faster than a speeding bullet, and/or be impervious to modern weaponry. Oh well, at least this is one super human feat proven to be possible, even if only for special cases. After all, it would take a being with the rigorous talent of Usain Bolt to perform even one modern miracle on another planet, so whoever this “Clark Kent” is, he’d have to be pretty darn unique.

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