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Issue One Reviews [Zero Month]: Justice League

In the issues leading up to the zero issue, Justice League has been running a backup series starring Billy Batson. These back ups are the first introduction of Shazam, formerly Captain Marvel, in the new 52. And since the first issue of Justice League showed the beginnings of the Justice League, this zero issue is fully devoted to Billy Batson and his transformation to Shazam.

The thing that makes this issue different from the other two zero issues I reviewed is that this isn’t a “prequel” to the main series, but rather an extended issue focusing on the back up issue. This is the main thing I like about this issue, but also lead to my main problem with it. With this opportunity to conclude this backup series, I assumed that this issue would conclude the Shazam story. However, to my disappointment, this issue is simply an extended chapter in the larger story. That being said, that leaves very little to talk about with this issue. As previously stated, I am really enjoying the Billy Batson back up story, so I did enjoy this issue.

This is the issue where Billy finally becomes Shazam. He meets the Wizard who gives him his powers. He returns back to the real world and does various heroic things, while still showing traces of his true age.

I didn’t have any problem with the actual story; it is just that this issue is such a wasted opportunity. Personally, I read the back up stories, however some people don’t. If you’re one of the few who don’t read the back up stories, then don’t bother picking up this issue. However, if you, like me, read and enjoy the back ups, this is an essential chapter to the Shazam story.

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