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Ultimate Comics Spider-man Issue 3 Review

As stated in previous reviews, I am a huge fan of Brian Micheal Bendis and in particular his writing on Ultimate Spiderman. I haven’t been keeping up with it in the past few years, but I decided to get back on board with this second volume of Ultimate Comics Spider-man. In my last review, I said how much I really enjoyed the first two issues of this new Spider-man series. I give a brief recap of the first two issues in my other review, but if you get the chance, go out and read them yourselves because they’re great.

The third issue begins with Ganke, Miles’ best friend, walking into Miles room and asking him to show off his new spider powers. After Miles is done showing his powers by jumping on the ceiling, the two discuss Miles new powers. They decide to go and find out why Miles’ uncle had the spider that bit Miles. The two head over to Miles’ uncle’s apartment only to find it completely empty. While the two walk home, a few fire trucks rush by to try to save the people in a burning building. Miles jumps in and saves some people. Ganke meets back up with Miles in the alley and tries to convince him to be like Spider-man and save people. Miles says its not for him and that he’ll leave it to Spider-man.

The next day, the two begin their first day at the boarding school Miles got into in the first issue. They meet their new roommate who utters the best line in the entire book, “Legos are dope.” Miles has a dream that a super-villain breaks into his room at night and kills him. As soon as he wakes up from his dream, a man bursts into the room and tells the three boys it’s an emergency and they need to evacuate to the gym. In the gym, they find out there’s a battle going on in the city and that Spider-man has been shot.

The main complaint I’ve been reading about this series is its pace. We’re three issues in and Miles still isn’t Spider-man. However, these three issues haven’t seemed like filler. Each one advances the story and gives development to the characters. I must admit, Bendis usually reads better in the trades, but this series is just too damn good to wait. Once again, the art is amazing. It’s both classic and modern, a perfect fit for the Ultimate Universe. It goes perfectly with the writing and I hope Pichelli continues to read

Miles remains a great new Spider-man. He’s very similar to Peter, but not a carbon copy. He shows a reluctance to becoming a superhero similar to Peter. Ganke is like the best best-friend that Peter never had. A male buddy that Miles can talk to about his new powers. He remains a funny character and I really liked the few Lego jokes. Their new roommate doesn’t do too much in this issue, but I’m interested to know if Miles and Ganke let him in on the secret or how they’ll keep it from him.

Once again, if you haven’t picked up the first two issues, you should. They’re great, easy reads. Bendis and Pichelli make a great team and create some interesting and lovable characters. This issue is a direct continuation of the two issues and might be may favorite yet, but I can safely assume that the best is yet to come. Highly Recommended. 


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