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The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show Presents 14 Years Of Magic: Celebrating The Harry Potter Saga

The Raz Man's Reality Radio Show Presents 14 Years Of Magic Celebrating The Harry Potter Saga Logo_000130 - Copy

g33k-e.com brings you The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show Presents 14 Years Of Magic: Celebrating The Harry Potter Saga. The Raz Man & PoliteMediocrity discuss the Harry Potter Saga on the air date of July 15, 2011 the cinema release date of the final film Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2. This is ...

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Stan Lee Presents the World of Heroes T-shirt Design Contest


How many of you out there like to draw cartoon characters and super heroes in your spare time? Oh come on, you can’t fool me. You’re a geek and we all know it. Well, what if I told you that even you could have a chance to create a super hero that would help save ...

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The Dark Tower Film/TV Series Still Alive?


After Universal recently shut down the multimillion dollar project, it was assumed that The Dark Tower was dead in the water. The original concept that filmmakers Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and Akiva Goldsman had for the novel-to-screen adaptation included three films and a slew of television series. It is widely assumed that the scope and ...

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Ultimate Comics Spider-man Issue 3 Review

Ultimate Comics Spiderman 3 Tumb

As stated in previous reviews, I am a huge fan of Brian Micheal Bendis and in particular his writing on Ultimate Spiderman. I haven’t been keeping up with it in the past few years, but I decided to get back on board with this second volume of Ultimate Comics Spider-man. In my last review, I ...

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Detective Comics #1 Review

Detective Tumb

Hey everybody, I’m back with my final (for now) comic review out of the DC new 52. There might be more in the future, but I’m going to wait for some arcs to finish. Also, sorry if some of the editing is rough, I’m still getting used to this software and plan to do longer ...

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Batman Beyond [2010 Comic] Review


  Once again, I take a look at another comic book. This time, I look at the 2010 Batman Beyond limited series based on the series of the same name. As usual, I try to stay away from any heavy spoilers, but I do mention a few, so be warned. Remember to post what you ...

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Aquaman #1 Review


Today I will be doing something rather different for G33k-e, providing a video review rather than a written review. For my inaugural video review, I’ve chosen to talk about Aquaman #1, the latest tale of this popular super hero. Check out my thoughts on the comic and more by watching the video! I hope to ...

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Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man (Volume 2) Issues 1 and 2 Mini-Review

Ultimate Comics Spiderman Issue 1

With everyone talking about the new DC 52, Marvel’s New Ultimate Comics similar renumbering. Of course, most hardcore comic fans write off the Ultimate Comics line because of its concept and less than stellar stories over the past few years. While I haven’t kept up with the universe in years, I, like most, heard about ...

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