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Villians Month – Quick Reviews


Villians Month has begun! Instead of doing in depth reviews of any one issue, I decided to take a look at a couple from the past two weeks. Riddler This was probably the book I was most excited for. Scott Snyder writing the Riddler, how could you go wrong? Well, he didn’t write it, only ...

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What is Wrong at DC Comics?


Today, it was revealed that the creative team on Batwoman would be leaving the title due to last minute editorial changes (not because of a Batwoman’s marriage to Maggie Sawyer as some has reported, although it was one of the changes). JH Williams III is not the first person to walk away from DC because ...

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Trinity War Review


Well, that’s it. The Trinity War is over. After two year of anticipation and speculation, the Trinity War is over. Was it worth the wait? Well, yes and no.  As I mentioned in last week’s article, DC has been pretty light on crossovers since the relaunch. The story itself is pretty mediocre. On one hand, ...

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Crossover Events: Marvel vs DC


One thing comic fans love, hate, and love to hate is the crossover. While superhero team-ups and crossovers have been around since almost the beginning of the medium, characters crossing over into books that are not their own is now almost a monthly occurrence.  Major events nowadays are almost required to feature a large roster ...

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Issue One Reviews: Batman Beyond 2.0


Quite a while ago, I took a look at Batman Beyond’s 2010 sequel comic. Since then, the comic has been re-launched twice and is now starting off once again. This time the series has been entitled Batman Beyond 2.0 and is being written by fan favorite Kyle Higgins. I have been collecting the previous series ...

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight Comic Book Review


After marathoning through the complete series in less than a month (and its spinoff series), I decided to read the official, canon continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight. I opted to get the trades as opposed to the more expensive library editions. The library editions do look nice ...

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Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale – Graphic Novel Review

porcelain title

It’s hard to really put my feelings about this graphic novel down into words. Sometimes you read something which offers such a mixed bag that you don’t really know how to define it. Porcelain is one of those experiences. At times you’ll be asking what the author was trying to do, and at other times ...

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The Future


I can’t recall where I first read it, but I remember reading an article about how storytellers shape the future. The example they gave always made me remember the article, and it has really stuck with me over the years, as you can tell. Basically, the example said that when we stop and envision what ...

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