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Avengers Assemble Issue 1 Review


I, more so than most, was a huge fan of Bendis and Bagley’s Ultimate Spider-man run. This may be due to nostalgia, because USM was the first graphic novel/comic I ever seriously read. Bagley’s art perfectly complemented Bendis’ retelling of the Spider-man story. However, after a lengthy record breaking run, Bagley left the book. I ...

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Lobo Adaptation to be Rewritten and Directed by Brad Peyton


Yes, a movie adaptation of Lobo has been brewing behind the scenes. Yes, that would be awesome. Sadly, the person they’ve chosen to put in control of this adaptation is Brad Peyton. Why is that possibly a bad thing? Well, this is the guy who brought us such excellent work as Cats & Dogs: The ...

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DC Comics/ Cartoon Network Announce “Beware the Batman” CGI Series.


Yesterday, Cartoon Network announced the arrival of several new Animated series including Beware the Batman, a CGI series billed as a detective action thriller. Long standing Batman allies Alfred Pennyworth and Katana have already been confirmed to appear in the series along with members of Batman’s Rouge such as Anarky, Professor Pyg, Mister Toad and ...

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Robbie Rist Speaks Out Against Michael Bay’s Changes to TMNT


By now, I’m sure most of you have heard about Michael Bay’s recent comments on the new TMNT reboot. However, I wouldn’t be doing my job here at G33k-e if I didn’t at least discuss the implications of these new rumors. For those who have missed it, Bay announced that this latest film would feature ...

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Something G33k-e Episode #2 – With Special Guest A. Lee Martinez


This is the second episode of Something G33k-e with special guest Semi-Famous Novelist and fellow geek eccentric A. Lee Martinez. Download the podcast here (please right click and save as, save it to your hard drive) Please check out his website: http://www.aleemartinez.com And don’t forget to buy his amazing books by clicking below:

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Y: The Last Man Film Still in the Works


It’s hard to write about this without being extremely pessimistic. After all, they’ve been through quite a few script writers with this project already, and over the years we just haven’t seen anything come of it. However, since hearing about the project originally, I was inspired to start actually reading the series, and I can ...

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Harry Potter Wizards Collection Blu-ray Box Set Revealed


Over the past few years, we’ve seen quite a few different Harry Potter blu-ray releases. Some were regular editions, others were ultimate editions. Along with all of the blu-ray releases, we’ve seen plenty of box sets as well. Some have been as nice as to put the movies in a faux trunk, while others have ...

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The Walking Dead Game Coming This Spring

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Who doesn’t love The Walking Dead? Sure, it’s been referred to as a a Zombie Soap Opera, but it’s still an awesome show. We’ve already got a bunch of quick and dirty, super violent movies about the zombie apocalypse, it’s about time we had something like this to even things out and show how deep ...

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