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Smodimations: The Smodcast Cartoon Show Season One Review


Intro: Since 2007, director Kevin Smith and his producer Scott Mosier have been doing a weekly podcast, with topics that normally include conversations about Nazis, Sharks, and Harry Potter. The show helped to create the Smodcast Network of podcast, the “sm” branding that Smith has been putting on everything lately. Eventually, animator Steve Stark began ...

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The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) – Movie Trailers


Holy Moses! Sony has released a new trailer for their Spider-Man reboot, and every reservation I had concerning the project has been practically dispelled. The Amazing Spider-Man, directed by Marc Webb, is looking like it will have all the style, swag, and real world grit that was lacking in Sam Raimi’s rendition of Marvel’s number ...

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Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40 DVD Review

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Intro: After three “Evening With” DVD’s comes Kevin Smith’s fourth live Q and A DVD, tilted Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40. Instead of going straight to DVD as the previous three had, Too Fat premiered on Epix HD, which was also instrumental in the production of the special. After its run on Epix and ...

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The Avengers (2012) – Super Bowl Trailer


I’m not really the target market for the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to get excited about during the event, right? For instance, how about this trailer for The Avengers? It’s not a long trailer, but we get a look at some more scenes from the movie, which is always a ...

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The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show December 9, 2011

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g33k-e.com brings you The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show December 9, 2011. This week The Raz Man welcomes the creator & host of The Multimedia Chronicles Zaranyzerak back to the show for another great geeky conversation on a number of topics. If you missed any previous episodes they can be found Here. To keep up ...

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Betrayal: Watchmen 2 is Happening


In a move that is bound to send shockwaves of nerd rage across the globe, it looks like DC Comics is pushing to go forward with what appears will be a prequel miniseries to Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Prequel. Doesn’t the word just make you shudder, and vomit a little on the inside? Perhaps I’m overreacting, ...

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Black Friday 2011 – Target


Next up on our Black Friday list is Target, which usually doesn’t have the greatest deals, but there’s always a few worth checking out. That’s always been my problem with Target, they’re more a middle class retailer, typically selling their wares for just a tad more than stores like Wal-mart. Still, every now and then ...

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Ultimate Comics Spider-man #4 Review


My Ultimate Comics Spider-man reviews have finally made their way into video reviews. I give a brief summary of the issue and my thoughts on it. I’m still trying to get a better handle on my editing software, so please be forgive some of the rough editing. Sorry there haven’t been more videos, but I’ve ...

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