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The Day The Internet Died: Why The FCC Is Killing Net Neutrality


I’ve been attempting to explain the importance of net neutrality for years now, foretelling a world wide web where only those companies who pay to be seen will actually be seen, but I was never really able to get through to anyone. Now, the FCC has put forth a proposal to do what they have ...

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Top 5 Reasons Not To Buy Amazon Fire TV


Just the other day, Amazon announced their new digital streaming device for the living room, the Fire TV. Taking it’s name from the Kindle Fire, this new piece of hardware is designed for the home theater experience. It had been rumored that the company was looking to compete with android based technology such as the ...

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Pre-Release OUYA review


GarbageGamer here to bring you a pre-release review of the OUYA. Please take note that this review is not representative of the final product, but merely a first impressions of the Backer Edition. I will also be showing you in a video how to side-load apps if you are unsure how to do so as ...

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Well this is it, the month the OUYA backers on Kickstarter have been waiting for. On the 28th of this month, everyone who donated at least $99 to the OUYA Kickstarter will receive their systems. Over the months, I have been looking at some of the games that have been shown. My first impressions were ...

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My Memories of the Early Days of the Internet and Piracy

I'm gonna go an internet!

It is 7 am on a Saturday morning in February of 2013. I have reached 30 years of age. In my lifetime the internet has grown by vast leaps and bounds. The internet used to be a tiny community of enthusiasts and fans, but now has grown to incorporate nearly everyone. It  sure has been ...

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Dev OUYA’s Have been shipped


There has been some talk around the internet lately, with some people asking if the OUYA is real or did we get scammed out of our money. We can now officially say “Yes it is real,” as 1,200 OUYA Developer Consoles got there stamps licked and are on their way to early Dev backers of ...

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OUYA UPDATE (11/1/2012)


Time for another bit of interesting news about what I have dubbed The Wonder Cube. On Ouya.tv, a hardware update was posted showing the first development run of the PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards). I was shocked to see how small it was! Another announcement that was made was they will not be running Android 4.0 ...

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Logitech C920 Review


If there’s one reliable technology company in this day and age it seems to be Logitech, particularly when it comes to their flagship web cameras. In the days of camcorders taking the place of webcams, Logitech still realizes that there is a market out there for them, if for no other reason than ease or ...

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