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The Maxx – Animated Series Retrospectve


Some heroes like to dress in black and use high-tech expensive technology, living extravagant lifestyles when not fighting crime, using their issues to fuel their passion to combat criminals… other heroes dress in purple, live in a box, with their only weapon being their fists, they want a good meal and a bath and try ...

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Aeon Flux – Retrospective Review


Aeon Flux (The Animated Series) Review Retrospective by Vermin Artwork by VerminArt What is better than a femme fatale wearing skimpy costumes, guns blasting, blood and body parts flying everywhere, all set in a strange futuristic world? Answer: probably not a lot, as this is a great formula for some very good (albeit perhaps standard) ...

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New Dragon Ball Z Blu-rays Will Be Cropped


Back in 2011, Funimation was giving Dragon Ball Z fans exactly what they wanted. They were finishing up their releases of the Dragon Boxes, which fans outside of Japan had been wanting for years. But Funimation went above and beyond, releasing beautiful looking Blu-rays. Being HD and from 16mm sources, they obviously looked better than ...

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Blue Seed Collection – Laserdisc Review


During a recent laserdisc hunting expedition, I came across a lot of anime discs that someone had sold off which were just waiting for me at one of my go-to stores. Part of the issue with buying discs out in the wild is that sometimes you don’t get a full collection; a series can have ...

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