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Bring Back Commander Keen!


The last 5 years or so has seen the return of some Platform classics such as Super Mario 3D land, Contra 4, Sparkster, and Mega Man…. Definitely some classics from the era of console games. But what about the classics of old from the days of Windows 3.1 and DOS. As the title says, I ...

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Alan Wake Coming to PC


For those of you who haven’t had an Xbox 360 in the past few years, this might be welcome news. Of course, it will also help if you’re a fan of these kinds of action/adventure games. Alan Wake is one of the few games on the 360 that remained exclusive to the console even to ...

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Download R-Type, BC Kid and Katakis for Free


I’ve been meaning to write about this for a little while now, but I just kept putting it off until I forgot about it. Thankfully, I decided to go through all my bookmarks today and see what I had, which lead me to rediscover this awesome opportunity. In a world where bills like SOPA, PIPA ...

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Update


On January 12, 2012, the official Resident Evil Youtube page released a very promising video showing some in game Multiplayer and Co-Op action for their upcoming title Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City . Seeing this was interesting because, for a great lot of you it was how the game was played that turned you off ...

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Top 10 Reasons That I Hate Gamestop


While I’m sure some of you have had positive experiences at this establishment, I think it would be hard to deny that we’ve all experienced something more than a bit deplorable about the way that they do business. Gamestop has become the biggest video game retailer in the world, but you don’t become so well ...

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Beta Testing Update with GarbageGamer


The past few months or so, I have been beta testing/waiting to beta test a few upcoming F2P games. This update will be about the games I’ve both tested and that I hope to be testing in the near future. *NOTE* all of these games will get articles on this site once they’re available to ...

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The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show December 23, 2011


g33k-e.com brings you The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show December 23, 2011. This week The Raz Man & his cousin Chris discuss Christmas & the beta for the new Star Wars MMO RPG game Star Wars The Old Republic. If you missed any previous episodes they can be found Here. You can also subscribe to ...

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Steam Holiday Sale Goes Live – Free Games and Coupons!


Well, Steam is at it again. Earlier this year they celebrated the Summer with an awesome event featuring some pretty cool deals. If you participated in the event, you had the chance to win DLC and even some games! Well, they’ve set up a similar event for the Holidays, in which you have an opportunity ...

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