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6 Ways ‘The Internet of Things’ is Taking Over the World


If you dabble at all in technological circles – or if you pay attention to TV commercials – you’ve probably heard a good deal about the “Internet of Things” in recent years. Yet, unless you have a specific interest or reason to explore it, you may not be entirely clear on what the phrase means ...

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Harry Potter and the Death of the Child Oriented Blockbuster


A year or two ago, I was sitting in a screenwriting class when the professor made everyone pair up into groups of two and come up with ideas for a screenplay we’d be writing that semester. It was the first day, so we didn’t know each other and I ended up with some random guy. ...

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G33k-e Crashes Crypticon Seattle 2015


For the first time ever, G33k-e has found their way to a geeky convention! Okay, maybe Crypticon is actually a horror convention, but there were definitely a lot of geeks in attendance. In fact, there were a lot of vendors and guests that you might not have expected at an event primarily catering to the ...

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How To Be a Geek – Tattoos


How to be a GeekPart 1: TattoosI want to be the ultimate geek – the ultimate fan. I want to be the fan who knows more about my particular interest than the creators of said interest. I want to devote my entire life to obsessing over Lord of the Rings, or Halo, or Mass Effect. ...

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18 Tips and Tricks for Enjoying PAX


I was pretty sure everyone in the geek community had heard of PAX, and then was proven wrong on more than one occasion. For the uninitiated, PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is a convention dedicated solely to gaming in all of its forms. Created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, four expos take place around the ...

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Top 5 Most Shocking Surprises of Geek Culture in 2014 – What Happens Next Will Make You Nerd Rage


It’s that time of the year when every website and their dog have a top 5 list about something. Well, G33k-e has a cat! (Editor’s Note: Her name is Sherlock) 2014 provided some rather interesting surprises in the world of geeky things, so let’s talk about them in great detail. 5. Star Wars: Episode VII ...

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Never Had A Friend Like Me: A Tribute to Robin Williams


On August 11th, 2014, we lost someone very important. Robin Williams was an innovator, a genius of improvisation, and more importantly a genuine soul. Let’s get one thing straight, folks: I will not be speaking on the how, what and why of his death, but instead celebrating his life and how he helped shape not ...

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Thoughts on Thursday’s WWE Releases


On Thursday, eight WWE superstars, one authority figure, one diva, and one referee were released from their contracts. Some needed to be cut, some will probably be back at some point, and some cuts were just baffling. These will be in the order listed in WWE’s press release (found here). A brief history: JTG got his money, ...

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