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6 Ways ‘The Internet of Things’ is Taking Over the World


If you dabble at all in technological circles – or if you pay attention to TV commercials – you’ve probably heard a good deal about the “Internet of Things” in recent years. Yet, unless you have a specific interest or reason to explore it, you may not be entirely clear on what the phrase means ...

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Harry Potter and the Death of the Child Oriented Blockbuster


A year or two ago, I was sitting in a screenwriting class when the professor made everyone pair up into groups of two and come up with ideas for a screenplay we’d be writing that semester. It was the first day, so we didn’t know each other and I ended up with some random guy. ...

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G33k-e Crashes Crypticon Seattle 2015


For the first time ever, G33k-e has found their way to a geeky convention! Okay, maybe Crypticon is actually a horror convention, but there were definitely a lot of geeks in attendance. In fact, there were a lot of vendors and guests that you might not have expected at an event primarily catering to the ...

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How To Be a Geek – Tattoos


How to be a GeekPart 1: TattoosI want to be the ultimate geek – the ultimate fan. I want to be the fan who knows more about my particular interest than the creators of said interest. I want to devote my entire life to obsessing over Lord of the Rings, or Halo, or Mass Effect. ...

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18 Tips and Tricks for Enjoying PAX


I was pretty sure everyone in the geek community had heard of PAX, and then was proven wrong on more than one occasion. For the uninitiated, PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) is a convention dedicated solely to gaming in all of its forms. Created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, four expos take place around the ...

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Top 5 Most Shocking Surprises of Geek Culture in 2014 – What Happens Next Will Make You Nerd Rage


It’s that time of the year when every website and their dog have a top 5 list about something. Well, G33k-e has a cat! (Editor’s Note: Her name is Sherlock) 2014 provided some rather interesting surprises in the world of geeky things, so let’s talk about them in great detail. 5. Star Wars: Episode VII ...

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Never Had A Friend Like Me: A Tribute to Robin Williams


On August 11th, 2014, we lost someone very important. Robin Williams was an innovator, a genius of improvisation, and more importantly a genuine soul. Let’s get one thing straight, folks: I will not be speaking on the how, what and why of his death, but instead celebrating his life and how he helped shape not ...

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The Day The Internet Died: Why The FCC Is Killing Net Neutrality


I’ve been attempting to explain the importance of net neutrality for years now, foretelling a world wide web where only those companies who pay to be seen will actually be seen, but I was never really able to get through to anyone. Now, the FCC has put forth a proposal to do what they have ...

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