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The Lone Ranger (2013) – Movie Review


I have to admit something. When I first saw the trailers for The Lone Ranger, I was completely unimpressed and absolutely positive that it would fail. While I was correct that it would fail, I now sincerely wish that it hadn’t. After talking about the issue with fellow G33k-e contributor Skinslip, he revealed to me ...

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AMC Dine-In Theater Review


On a recent vacation to the Walt Disney World Resort, I managed to make my way over to the Downtown Disney area and see a movie at the AMC Dine-In Theater. I ate at the Fork and Screen, as opposed to the 21+ Cinema Suites offered at some theaters. The number of theaters with these features ...

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Gravity: A ‘Castaway’ Rehash


I was sitting in the IMAX Theater, full of anticipation for what was supposed to be — by all accounts — a mind blowing cinematic masterpiece and a true tour de force performance by both the iconic Sandra Bullock and George Clooney… Boy was I disappointed!

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Bumpkins Abound in Hayseed Horror – Jug Face DVD Review

"Me and my jug face, strolling down the backwoods trail..."

“Well, I asked my old pappy why he called his brew White lightnin’ ‘stead of mountain dew I took a little sip and right away I knew My eyes bugged out and my face turned blue Light was started flashin’, sun was gonna clashin’ WHEW! White Lightnin’!” Rumor has it that George Jones took 80 ...

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Arrival of The King: Thoughts on the First Official Trailer for Legendary’s Godzilla


Well people, it happened. After nine years of rumors, blurry photos, leaked teasers, cold spells, what if’s, nerd rages and everlasting mounting suspense, the moment every kaiju fan (but more importantly, every Godzilla fan) has been waiting for has finally come: we have our first official trailer for the American reboot of the world’s most ...

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Cinematic Catastrophe: Olympus Has Fallen


The summer of 2013 was marked with two films based on the same premise: What if the White House was under siege? Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down follow in a long line of films that share premises and come out in close proximity of each other. This line includes films like Deep Impact ...

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Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues – Movie Review


After nearly a decade of waiting, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is finally coming out to theaters. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to a preview screening with co-writer and director Adam McKay. I’m a big fan of the original film, but lately Ferrell’s recent outings have been less than stellar. That ...

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Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman


Warner Brothers announced today that Gal Gadot would be their Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film.

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