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Harry Potter and the Death of the Child Oriented Blockbuster


A year or two ago, I was sitting in a screenwriting class when the professor made everyone pair up into groups of two and come up with ideas for a screenplay we’d be writing that semester. It was the first day, so we didn’t know each other and I ended up with some random guy. ...

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Raptor’s Recall – The Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)


Back in 2012, Marvel Studios released their “payoff picture” – what Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger were building up to – The Avengers. I can’t think of anyone who was surprised that it was a MASSIVE commercial and critical success. In fact, some say it’s ...

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Trailer Recall: Princes, Dinosaurs, and Things


Three more trailers have caught my eye recently, and we’re here to discuss them. We’re off! The Little Prince This was the little trailer that almost NOBODY was talking about that I found on a whim. With that being said, this looks pretty great and could make the castle that Walt built even more nervous, ...

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Trailer Recall: The Bat, The Ant, and The Force


Trailers have just one job: To engage and entice the audience into coming to the theaters in droves to see the film(s) in question. The trinity I’m about to discuss did that in spades. I haven’t done this in a while, so excuse me if I’m a bit rusty. Ant-Man With this first trailer, I ...

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Mark of the Devil – Blu-ray Review


WITCH-FINDERS, VOMIT BAGS, AND DE-TONGUE-INGS It’s a shame they didn’t have cable TV in 18th century Austria; perhaps then they would have had something better to do than spend their days and nights pointing fingers at their friends and neighbors, screaming “witch! witch!” Unfortunately, if we are to believe the opening scroll of this sordid ...

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10 Things the Divergent Series Got Wrong


This post was written by Guest Contributor Rhydnara I read Divergent when I was in a really weird place in my life. At the time, I was in a serious relationship in which I was crazy in love, but he wasn’t. I knew I had to break it off, but couldn’t bring myself to make ...

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The Lady From Shanghai – Blu-ray Review


What is the typical film noir? It’s not necessarily a genre, it’s more of a style. After watching a few movies like Gun Crazy, Out of the Past or even this film, that should become immediately apparent. Although they do share similar pulp elements, there’s also something unique about each movie that sets them apart ...

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The Wild One – Blu-ray Review


The second that I saw this blu-ray, I knew that I was in for something special. After all, The Wild One is the very definition of a classic and important film. However, it wasn’t the movie title alone that instantly impressed me – it was the packaging. With artwork that rivals some of the beautiful ...

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