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Django Unchained (2012) – Movie Trailers


After the somewhat upsetting trailer for The Great Gatsby, there were only a few movies left that I was looking forward to this upcoming holiday season. One of them, as you might have surmised from the title, was and thankfully still is Django Unchained. We’ve been hearing a lot about this movie over the last ...

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The Great Gatsby (2012) – Movie Trailers


When one thinks of Baz Luhrmann, certain images come to mind. Having built a career on doing very stylistic interpretations of literature and whatnot, it only makes sense that he is continuing on with a movie like The Great Gatsby, which is being released during the holiday season of 2012. That being said, this isn’t ...

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LOOPER (2012) – Movie Trailers


Here’s another trailer for another time traveling film, and it looks to be much better than Safety Not Guaranteed. In fact, it looks like it just might be the best time traveling film since Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys. Coincidentally, Bruce Willis also stars in Looper as the protagonist’s older self. In Looper, Joseph Gordon Levitt ...

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Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) – Movie Trailers


Well, here’s a film that’s a bit fresher than the usual. Safety Not Guaranteed is probably the first movie ever made that’s actually based around an internet meme. Now, while it might sound as if  that would be a ridiculous and difficult thing to do, the team behind Safety Not Guaranteed seems to have succeeded ...

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Fat Kid Rules The World (2012) – Movie Trailers


As someone who grew up being the fat kid, I love it when the film world tries to tackle the subject of obesity; they rarely ever get the character right, and for the most part he’s always the funny guy and never the hero. I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when I discovered a ...

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The Avengers – Official Trailer 2

the_avengers_logo banner

The first trailers for  The Avengers were a bit disappointing, with hammy moments that seemed as if they were made to cater to the masses. They just didn’t show us enough. But this trailer, though not entirely better, gives us a much better idea as to what to  expect come May 4th. This film looks ...

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Mass Effect 3 – Take Earth Back Trailer

Mass Effect 3

Just in case you missed it, Bioware rather silently released a truly epic trailer this weekend. This trailer is for their upcoming game Mass Effect 3, but you wouldn’t know it even if you were a fan of the original series. The trailer is so well done and so impressive that, upon first seeing it ...

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Dorothy and the Witches of Oz (2012) – Movie Trailers


Apparently there has been a pretty big movement to bring the world of The Wizard of Oz back to film once more. With a Sam Raimi pic in the works for 2013 and an animated picture set to release this year, it would seem that we’re starting to see the beginnings of yet another resurgence ...

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