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Weezer: Everything Will Be Alright in the End – Album Review

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After four years without an album, Weezer is back with Everything Will Be Alright in the End. The album follows two of the band’s most maligned releases, Raditude and Hurley. The band, recognizing their errors, decided to take some time off from recording and wait until they had enough songs that they felt were good ...

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Daft Punk – Random Access Memories – Album Review


You know, the funny thing about Daft Punk is that they’ve got an uncanny ability to create music that you can’t possibly imagine having done without. In other words, once you’ve heard them, it’s as if any past memories you have are of moments in which these songs existed, even though that is undoubtedly impossible. ...

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Blade Runner Original Soundtrack – Translucent Red Vinyl REVIEW


“Painful to live in fear isn’t it? Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch!” “Oh, I agree!” “Wake up. Time to die.” What’s always fascinated me about movie soundtracks is how the music can sometimes be more telling of what a film’s central theme and tone is more so than the ...

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Yellow Submarine Blu-ray Review


We All Live In A Yellow Submarine! That’s right, this highly-acclaimed animated film is finally on blu-ray from Capitol Records. What kind of work have they put into this release? Let’s find out. Check out Capitol Records online: http://www.capitolrecords.com

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Shut Up and Listen! – Metallica


I’m a pretty secretive guy. I’m not the type that puts his life on public display, hell my own parents don’t even know what the inside of my apartment looks like. That said there are three things about me that everybody knows: 1) I drink a lot of rum. 2) Pizza is my favorite food. ...

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Father of Loud: Jim Marshall Dead at Age 88.


You’ve all seen it. The tall black speaker cabinet dressed in vinyl, and crowned with the iconic white script logo. Big names like Slash, Jimi Hendrix and Paul Stanley owe their sound to them; even Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead is famous for his dual custom Marshall stacks dubbed Murder One and No Remorse. It’s a ...

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Top 10 Most Annoying Christmas Songs


‘Tis the season for all the radio stations to start playing so much Christmas music that you just can’t stand it! Yup, no matter what holiday you celebrate in the United States, chances are you’ll be bombarded with more music about the Christmas holiday than any other when December rolls around. Even if you’re not ...

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Machinae Supremacy Posts Free Concert on Pirate Bay


The self-styled “SID Metal” band Machinae Supremacy posted their entire concert from Assembly 2011 on Pirate Bay for free download.

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