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Reserved for all discussions and thoughts on anything geeky going on out there. Whether it be a rant about youtube or James Cameron being a tool again, this is where to put it.

Why Authorial Intent is Meaningless


Without even being cognizant of it, I frequently see people referring to an author’s intent in the creation of their work as being paramount to understanding its meaning. Despite the fact that we now know this to be a fallacy, it is incredibly common to see articles popping up about what artists think of the ...

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Stars Wars Land and Cars Land in Florida? My Thoughts


The past week, a rumor of an expansion to Disney Hollywood Studios has been making its way around the net. For someone who is really into Disney and their Theme Parks, you’re used to hearing these rumors all the time, but this most recent one has spread further than average. Reportedly, the studios will be ...

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The Future


I can’t recall where I first read it, but I remember reading an article about how storytellers shape the future. The example they gave always made me remember the article, and it has really stuck with me over the years, as you can tell. Basically, the example said that when we stop and envision what ...

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My Memories of the Early Days of the Internet and Piracy

I'm gonna go an internet!

It is 7 am on a Saturday morning in February of 2013. I have reached 30 years of age. In my lifetime the internet has grown by vast leaps and bounds. The internet used to be a tiny community of enthusiasts and fans, but now has grown to incorporate nearly everyone. It  sure has been ...

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Senator Leland Yee Says “Gamers Have No Credibility”


In the wake of recent tragedies involving violent murders across the country, a lot of people have been speaking out against violence in video games. Of course, they’ve also been speaking out against things like the second amendment and gun enthusiasts. Interestingly enough, despite a very clear desire on the part of most Americans to ...

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Calm the Hell Down: Disney and Lucasfilm


Earlier today, the science fiction community had a bomb dropped on its head when it was announced that George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars franchise, would be selling Lucasfilm to Disney for 4 billion dollars. I’ll be the first to admit that when I first heard the news, I was filled with an ...

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Top 5 Betrayals of Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who


Some of you will read the title to this article and immediately come to understand exactly what it is I’m talking about. Most of you, on the other hand, will only be able to recall that Steven Moffat is a Whovian God who can do no wrong over the course of the next few paragraphs. ...

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Cheetahmen II Kickstarter Campaign Not a Fraud

photo-full (1)

Sometimes the denizens of the internet can get things wrong, but it doesn’t always affect the outcome of anything. Sadly, in this case it may very well affect the outcome of a Kickstarter campaign to bring back an infamous video game. When the campaign first hit the internet, many were surprised to see a collaborative ...

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