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Reserved for all discussions and thoughts on anything geeky going on out there. Whether it be a rant about youtube or James Cameron being a tool again, this is where to put it.

Harvey Weinstein Calls for Less Violence in Film


After the tragic events of The Dark Knight Shootings a week ago, there were plenty of people claiming they had the answer for what happened. I honestly found it very disturbing to see people blaming video games, but it got to the point where conspiracy theorists were claiming it was a secret government operation. The ...

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THQ President Says Gaming is Moving Away from $60 Boxed Goods


There’s been a lot of debate over the last few years about whether or not physical media will still have a place in our homes for very long. While many have flat out declared that it will not, others have said that there will be a place for it. Recently, THQ’s newly appointed president Jason ...

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Thoughts On Windows 8

windows-8 Techno Inside

It may be awesome if you’re a tablet user, but for a desktop installing a dual boot setup with Windows 8 side by side with Windows 7 is a living hell.     Then you get in to getting it to recognize all of your media and all of their stock “apps” taking over your ...

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George Lucas Claims He Never Intended for Han to Shoot First


In geek circles around the world, we’ve all been privately discussing whether or not George Lucas has gone completely insane. There has been a mounting pile of evidence for this theory in the past few years, but this news just takes the cake. In an interview with The New Hollywood Reporter, Lucas said that he ...

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G33k-e’s Take on SOPA and PIPA


We here at G33k-e.com rarely get involved in anything political, but when politicians are taking actions that define a muddled and unprofessional view of what is and isn’t an acceptable form of sharing or of creating art on the internet, it has a funny way of becoming our business. After all, can you imagine how ...

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Top 10 Reasons Cable Sucks


In a world full of entertainment which allows us to literally watch and enjoy almost any television show pretty much whenever we want, paying for cable programming has quickly become a questionable activity. After all, if we can get the same content for less elsewhere, why would we pay more for an outdated service? Not ...

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Top 10 Reasons That I Hate Gamestop


While I’m sure some of you have had positive experiences at this establishment, I think it would be hard to deny that we’ve all experienced something more than a bit deplorable about the way that they do business. Gamestop has become the biggest video game retailer in the world, but you don’t become so well ...

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Welcome To The Brain Palace Podcast Now On iTunes!

Brain Palace

That is correct! Me and Oli’s podcast ‘Welcome To The Brain Palace’ is now available on iTunes. You can simply search for ‘brain palace’ at the iTunes store or Click this button to subscribe instantly. Thank you all for your support and we hope to produce more episodes. Meanwhile you can catch up by listening ...

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