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Reserved for all discussions and thoughts on anything geeky going on out there. Whether it be a rant about youtube or James Cameron being a tool again, this is where to put it.

‘Bucky Larson’ Earns Rating of 0% on Rotten Tomatoes – Latest Movie News

Ensemble,Nick Swardson

Well, I definitely saw this one coming. Even with an advertising campaign that was impossible to ignore considering just how pervasive it was in the media, Adam Sandler/Tom Brady’s latest film Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star earned itself an impressive 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Hell, you couldn’t have even paid me to see ...

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The Great Gatsby Movie – At a Glance


As an English major, I must have read The Great Gatsby at least a half dozen times. Perhaps that’s why some of the choices made in relation to this latest film adaptation seem a little strange. The casting is pretty damn good, but what really shocks me is that filmmaker Baz Luhrmann has decided to ...

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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea to be 70% CG


Most of us have no doubt heard something about this latest adaptation of Jules Verne’s masterpiece, but while this type of news is to be expected, it isn’t exactly the best news in the world. David Fincher has gone on record saying that his latest film will be created mostly through the use of CG. ...

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EA Origin Review – What a load of Balls


It’s been a month or two since EA announced they would be launching their Origin store to compete with Valve’s Steam. Most gamers weren’t exactly pleased with the move, suggesting that EA was simply trying to rip off Steam and further protect their games. Whether or not this is true, it’s no reason to refuse ...

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Netflix Announces Major Price Change


If you’re a Netflix member, you’re going to be receiving an email in the next few days informing you of a price change. In the past, as their services rose in popularity, so did their prices. However, they never rose by nearly this much. Effective September 1st, Netflix will be charging separate fees for their ...

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Facebook Implements Changes – In With the Old, Out With the New


If you’re a Facebook user, chances are you’ve noticed a few changes that they recently made to their site. In an alliance with Skype, Facebook has crafted an in-browser video chat program. While this new feature is definitely an improvement to their social networking model, other changes they have decided to make are much less ...

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Sony Introduces PSN Pass – Greed Wins the Day


Okay, so we’ve all seen this before. Last year, Electronic Arts decided to start making people pay for the use of DLC and Online content from some of the used games in their catalog. The concept behind this “Pass” is designed to encourage consumers to buy the game new rather than used. The pass is ...

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Iron Man 2 – Movie Review

Iron Man 2

Iron Man has always been one of my dad’s favorite comic book superheroes, and being the one child who truly shared in my father’s interests, I took a liking to the red and gold suit as well. With the knowledge of the comic book and cartoon persona of Tony Stark, I expected to see some ...

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