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Tom Returns 5/26/2012


That’s right, the legendary cartoon network block known as Toonami is returning to where it belongs. *what was said on Adult swim central* There’s been a huge call for the network to revive the old Cartoon Network action block ever since their April Fool’s stunt for the year turned out to be a full Toonami ...

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Bring Back Toonami!


If you are not a product of the 90s, or just lived under a rock, you probably aren’t familiar with Toonami. Let me fill you in…. Tonnami was a registered trademark of Cartoon Network, used initially for action-oriented programming blocks on Cartoon Network television channels worldwide. They aired mostly American cartoons and Japanese anime, such ...

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Smodimations: The Smodcast Cartoon Show Season One Review


Intro: Since 2007, director Kevin Smith and his producer Scott Mosier have been doing a weekly podcast, with topics that normally include conversations about Nazis, Sharks, and Harry Potter. The show helped to create the Smodcast Network of podcast, the “sm” branding that Smith has been putting on everything lately. Eventually, animator Steve Stark began ...

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G33k-e’s Take on SOPA and PIPA


We here at G33k-e.com rarely get involved in anything political, but when politicians are taking actions that define a muddled and unprofessional view of what is and isn’t an acceptable form of sharing or of creating art on the internet, it has a funny way of becoming our business. After all, can you imagine how ...

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Netflix Cancels Qwikster Plans


It’s only been a few weeks since Netflix decided to change their name to Qwikster and move to Alaska. Okay, so the last part isn’t true, but it might as well be true after their latest development. Netflix sent out another e-mail to all of their customers today, informing them that there would be no ...

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The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show September 16, 2011

RMR 91611 g33k-e

g33k-e.com brings you The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show September 16, 2011 edition. This edition features a WWE Night Of Champions discussion with youtube’s RotisserieiJamie, blu ray news courtesy of blu-ray.com & some of my thoughts on Madden NFL 12. The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show September 16, 2011 by The Raz Man’s Reality on ...

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Chris Jericho Screws CM Punk At Night Of Champions?

Jericho & Punk

It’s time for me to share another wrestling video episode of The Raz Man’s Reality. This time I discuss a possible return to WWE for Chris Jericho at the Night Of Champions PPV to “screw” CM Punk.

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John Cena A Corporate Champion?


I’ve been asked to share my video episodes of The Raz Man’s Reality as well, mainly those about pro wrestling. So today I talk about John Cena & how he just may be a corporate champion. I also plug my work here with geek-e. Check out the video below for my thoughts on John Cena!

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