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How to Get Free Kindle e-Books


Have you ever seen how many e-Books Amazon offers for free via their Kindle services? There are new free titles every week! I’ve always been interested in a Kindle for just this reason. Even if I couldn’t afford some of the other books, at least I’d be able to get some free titles. Well, what ...

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Battlefield 3 Won’t Be On Steam – Latest Gaming News


Well, the moment we all knew was coming has officially arrived. The news struck today that the highly anticipated game Battlefield 3 will not be available on Valve’s Steam client. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following EA’s movements as of late, considering they launched their own client to pretty ...

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EA Origin Review – What a load of Balls


It’s been a month or two since EA announced they would be launching their Origin store to compete with Valve’s Steam. Most gamers weren’t exactly pleased with the move, suggesting that EA was simply trying to rip off Steam and further protect their games. Whether or not this is true, it’s no reason to refuse ...

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Netflix Announces Major Price Change


If you’re a Netflix member, you’re going to be receiving an email in the next few days informing you of a price change. In the past, as their services rose in popularity, so did their prices. However, they never rose by nearly this much. Effective September 1st, Netflix will be charging separate fees for their ...

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Facebook Implements Changes – In With the Old, Out With the New


If you’re a Facebook user, chances are you’ve noticed a few changes that they recently made to their site. In an alliance with Skype, Facebook has crafted an in-browser video chat program. While this new feature is definitely an improvement to their social networking model, other changes they have decided to make are much less ...

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Thumbs Up! – Must See TV


Okay, so this isn’t the newest TV show ever. Technically, it’s not even a television show because it isn’t on the air. No, this is actually a web show that started a few years ago simply because a few guys wanted to do it. VBS.tv gave them an audience and they set out to do ...

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