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Logitech C920 Review

If there’s one reliable technology company in this day and age it seems to be Logitech, particularly when it comes to their flagship web cameras. In the days of camcorders taking the place of webcams, Logitech still realizes that there is a market out there for them, if for no other reason than ease or because the individual using it (like me) is better off for it.

Logitech’s latest model the HD Pro WebCam C920

This webcam boasts full 1080P video capturing capability at the recommended 29.97 frame rate, with internal encoding using H264, the same video codec that a lot of Blu-rays use. They also said the camera would be fully tripod mountable, which they did deliver on as shown here below. The camera also is said to allow you to Skype in 1080P, which I have tested and it is amazingly true!

So the question is, did Logitech deliver on all of their other promises and is this unit worth purchasing? Judge for yourself here in my extensive video review.

For those who are interested in checking out the purchase links mentioned in the video, here you go:

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