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The Incredible Rise of Mobile Gaming

The evolution of mobile gaming has progressed by leaps and bounds in recent years due to a combination of creative gaming and app developers, along with the development of new and exciting devices to play them on. The emergence of this new technology has opened the doors for developers to create more powerful mobile gaming apps and to even rework arcade classics, so it should come as no surprise to hear that in India in particular, the mobile market is set to expand to Rs 2,620 crore by the year 2019 thanks to a predicted growth of 20% each year over the next five years.


So what has led to this impressive increase in technology development and its impending rapid growth during the next half decade? The sale of mobile games and apps is constantly on the rise mostly thanks to their cost effective price tags. For just a few dollars, you can download many popular and high quality games, with the vast majority of them initially being offered for free. You then have the option to buy special add-ons or extra levels using in-game purchases, something that has proven to be very fruitful for developers and game manufacturers.


Aside from the appealing costs involved in the mobile gaming market, it’s also worth taking note that the games being made available on smartphones, tablets and other similar devices have made gaming more accessible to those who wouldn’t usually sit around playing games at all. In the past couple of years alone, we’ve already seen a huge increase in the number of female gamers who enjoy the thrill and convenience of playing games through casino roulette sites, social puzzle apps, and mind-boggling trivia games from wherever they are. The fact that you can carry around your gaming device also allows you to play games on the move no matter where you are, which literally gives you your own portable gaming solution.


Certain gaming platforms often target particular age groups and interests, but the mobile market has a broad reaching appeal for all types of demographics. Youngsters, teens, mature mobile users and even mothers are all enjoying mobile gaming, along with the vast range of available games to play from a large variety of popular genres.

With the industry already hitting $25 billion in 2014 (a giant increase of 42% from the previous year) and the technology itself advancing each and every year, we cannot wait to see what comes next. 2015 will see a number of smartwatches emerge in the mobile marketplace along with various beaming and plug-in devices that will convert your televisions in to full out gaming platforms, opening the gaming opportunities even further. To put it simply, the future looks bright for mobile gaming!

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