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Five E3 Announcements We Want to See

Each year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, video game companies both big and small announce their future plans for the upcoming year and beyond. Most of the time, gamers have no idea what to expect, but there are some announcements that will leave very few people surprised. Even if they aren’t shocking, sometimes the obvious events of E3 can still be quite exciting to hear about. Regardless, there are some things that many gamers want to see from E3, and we don’t often get everything that we want. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most likely revelations and the most desired results of the upcoming expo in 2015!

Nintendo Shows Off Mobile Games


Recently, Nintendo finally revealed that they would be breaking into the mobile market. After years of patents hinting at the possibility, Nintendo mobile gaming is about to become a reality. The only thing that hasn’t been discussed yet is how they are going to go about the process. While they aren’t likely to expose any plans for mobile casino games or anything like that, you can expect them to talk about their mobile platform and even show off a few of the games they will be releasing to the mobile marketplace at this year’s E3 event!

Sony Will Reveal Final VR Headset Model


When they announced that they would be getting back into virtual reality with Project Morpheus, most Sony fans were more than a little excited. Although the device is clearly moving forward thanks to the popularity of the Oculus Rift, many feel that the time has finally come for the age of virtual reality. At this year’s E3 conference, you can expect Sony to reveal a more finalized model of the headset and possibly even discuss pricing for the item. It will be interesting to see how competitive they get with the pricing structure of the device, but either way, chances are that this will be a major focus for Sony.

Microsoft Doubles Down on Gaming


Although the Xbox One has a lot of great media features, it faces the same problem that every other console must accept: PC Games are becoming a huge competitor to console gaming. When gamers can literally plug an Xbox controller into their PC and play games the way they want to, it’s hard to justify paying the premium prices that console games sometimes demand. This is why exclusives are so important to console developers, and you can expect Microsoft to announce quite a few interesting titles – and hopefully they will be true console exclusives with the power to drive console sales.

Nintendo Will Hint at New Console


I’m sure that a lot of people want to see what Nintendo will be doing next in the home console market, but the fact remains that they still need to focus on selling the Wii U as much as possible. With the recent renaissance of the console bringing in a lot of sales, new owners are going to want a reason to hold onto their Wii U, so it’s more than likely that Nintendo will spend more time focusing on the current console than on anything new. Just as we saw Miyamoto hint at a new Star Fox game last year, chances are that we will see similar hints and nods at their development of the new console.

Sony Finally Announces The Last Guardian


Okay, so this is very unlikely as it has been something that fans have been hoping to see for over a decade now. That being said, after recent controversial news and mishaps regarding the trademark of the game, Sony should probably do something in order to indicate to fans that the game actually is still in development. Hopefully we will see more than just screenshots, and perhaps even a few short video clips from the game during their conference. This may be the least likely prediction of them all, but Sony would be foolish to avoid talking about The Last Guardian for yet another year.

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