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Honey Radio ~ Episode 61 ~ Honey Buzz XIV

Welcome to Episode 61 of Honey Radio!

With Honey Buzz XIV – This week the Honeys experience a few technical difficulties (enjoy that) and have a LOT to say about Scientology, and the newest trend in horror – telling the viewers what they’re going to be scared of. Is “contrived horror” going to be the next “big thing?”

Join us!

DVD/Blu Ray Releases
Iron Man 3 movie collection on blu-ray
Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (1969)
Invaders from Mars (1986)
The Voices
Silent Running (1972)
Killers (2014)

WAAUUUGH – No more David Lynch for Twin Peaks, but Showtime is going ahead anyway!

Going Clear – I feel like we need to have a bit of a discussion about this. We can get votes before we go on air.

Trailer for THE GIFT – Blumhouse thriller… whomp whomp

New Poster and trailer for Insidious 3

Poster for Poltergeist – sorry about the clowns

Trailer and Poster for Self/Less

Mad Max Trailer – more side plot

Human Centipede 3 news (EW)

New to Netflix:
The Houses October Built
Mommie Dearest (back)
Peacock (back)

Coming to/New to Hulu:
Teen Wolf (1985)
Candyman (1992)
The City of the Lost Children (1995)
Donnie Brasco (1997)
House of Flying Daggers (2004)
Starship Troopers (1997)

Best/Worst Horror Experience of the Week
“It Sucks, Don’t watch it” with Linnie – theme by Peter @theversusverses

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Revenge Honey ~ Linnie @linnieloowho
Supernatural Honey ~ Suzanne @suzebee04
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