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Honey Radio ~ Episode 82 ~ Honey Buzz XXXI

Amazon Movie Reviews:
Linnie: Dark Shadows
Lisa: Interview With The Vampire
Bella: Night Watch
Chassity: Unfriended
Jennica: Vamp (1986)
Suzanne: The Lair of the White Worm


Blu-ray/DVD Releases
The Sentinel (1977) ~ A Scream Factory Release
The Satan Bug (1965) ~ A Kino Lorber Release
Turkey Shoot (1982) ~ A Severin Films Release
Eaten Alive (1977) ~ An Arrow Films Release
The Rocky Horror Picture Show ~ 40th Anniversary Release
Lisa (1990) ~ A Kino Lorber ReleaseThe
Woods (2006)
Bleading Lady (2015) ~ *RH Note… The spelling of this film makes me viscerally angry.
Flesh for the Beast: Tsukiko’s Curse (2013)
The Dead/The Dead 2 ~ Combo Pack



Peter @theversusverses
I know you don’t do remake news anymore, but are there any films where the remake was better, and are there any films that any of you would like to see or would be okay with a remake?

Sarah Miles @SarahJoSmiley
The Honeys are now a team of kick-ass superheroes! What are your powers based on your sub-genre?


Horror fans and survival instinct: Will we live longer because of the “I’ve seen too many horror movies to…” phenomenon?
No Camping
No Hiking
… we’ll live longer, right?



Jeepers Creepers 3… we don’t talk about remakes, but we need to talk about this.

Boy Bands + Zombie Westerns… yes? No? Arg?


New to Netflix:
Reservation Road
Suicide Theory
Bloody April Fools
The Vampire’s Coffin
Immoral Tales (RH note – Holy shit, I can’t believe this is on Netflix…)
Archivo 253
12 Segundos
Wicked Little Things


Best/Worst of the Week + ISDWI



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