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Movie G@ng B@ng Episode #0042 ‘Brainsmasher: A Love Story’

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What could be better than Andrew Dice Clay with a supermodel fighting Chinese Ninjas over a flower that gives eternal life?

No, I didn’t make that up. This is a fantastic piece of cinematic gold from schlockmaster Albert Pyun. The movie is filled with terrible lighting by frequent Pyun collaborator George Mooradian, ridiculous one liners, and offensive stereotypes. We are pretty sure this film is what killed Andrew Dice Clay’s career for a decade. Right after doing this film, Teri Hatcher went on to play Lois Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. (editor’s note: god, she’s hot)

In this episode you can look forward to: Skinslip tearing every poor lighting decision apart; Stoudman pointing out all the places in Portland that still exist… kinda; Alkaloid falling asleep halfway through the movie and not waking up until 10am the next day; all while everybody was still dead inside from watching The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence. The drinking game is a doozy with this one.

Brain Smasher: A Love Story Drinking Game

  • Take a drink whenever Andrew Dice Clay calls a woman a “Broad”
  • Take a drink whenever a character says “We/they aren’t ninjas”
  • Take a drink whenever something completely unrealistic happens that makes you say “Wait, what?”
  • Take a drink whenever someone is back lit with a light that is candy colored.

Warning, this drinking game could kill you if you are not careful. Please drink responsibly or don’t blame us, either way.

(editor’s challenge: drink every time you see a location in Portland that kind of still exists)


Feel free to watch on YouTube, listen to it streaming here or download it on iTunes.

Tune in next week when we tackle the often requested Good Burger. And, yes, Skinslip is very unhappy about having to watch the film. So next week there will be much bitching to be had by Skinslip, you won’t want to miss it.

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