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The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show January 6, 2012

g33k-e,com brings you The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show January 6, 2012. This week The Raz Man welcomes back youtube’s PlanetBierwagen. They discuss a variety of topics.

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  1. There were a couple of interesting things said in this episode; Particularly about certain people in the DVD community who have massive collections that are somehow interconnected with their egos, and they talk very little of what “film” really is about in their “updates” and whatnot.

    I think that, somehow, there is a difference, especially in this day and age, between the “film buff” and the “dvd/blu-ray collector”.

    Somehow, I don’t quite think the two labels go hand in hand anymore. And in a way that’s true, because we live in an age where films have become purely business and a form of entertainment. Film as ART, will always exist, but it is eroding. And I think the number of people who truly appreciate the medium and what film is really about, will only decrease in years to come.

    It’s always sad to find people who buy absolutely every film that is released; and on a weekly, or monthly basis, i might add. I mean, did you really need to go out and buy the Hangover II, or Horrible Bosses? Big Daddy, and Norbit? You know, these are films that just have absolutely zero to little value. Yet, there’s always a collector out there that goes out of their way to buy them. And these collectors have no criteria through which they filter their purchases. It’s sad.

    I think I can write an entire essay on the difference between the “film buff” and the obsessed “dvd collector”. It’s a touchy subject, and there’s a really thin line between the two.

    Anyway, great episode.