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The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show Live Return 1/11/13

That’s right folks I am back! Why the long absence? Well to make a long story short there were two main reasons. For one thing I was just incredibly busy with my new job and for another I was burned out about the former way that I was doing the the radio show. Trying to find guests every week and fit around their time zones was just not an effective way to do a radio program. So why are we back? What incredible solution that I find? Answer the wonderful world of Goggle+ Live Hangouts! I had heard great things about this new technology and how it flawlessly allowed for an online chat with up to 10 people and not only that but it streams live directly to your YouTube channel since YouTube is owned by Google. So I knew I wanted to come back in the new year and thought now was a good time as any to try out this format and I have to say that the first attempt was a rousing success and this will be the way that I record the radio show from here on out. Recordings will take place every Friday at 5 PM Eastern so that I have enough time to edit the just plain audio versions for the radio affiliates who need them. For those who prefer just the plain audio format the show will still be posted to iTunes but here on g33k-e.com thanks to YouTube’s easy embedding, you’re going to get the full on video archive experience! So here in all its glory is The Raz Man’s Reality Radio Show Live Return 1/11/13! It took me a couple of tries to figure out Goggle+ hence why you hear the show starting off with me saying take two, enjoy!

If you missed any previous episodes, they can be found Here. You can also download the show on itunes Here. To keep up with all my videos & my radio shows “Like” me on Facebook & remember there’s no such thing as being to big of a geek!

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