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Blade Runner Original Soundtrack – Translucent Red Vinyl REVIEW

“Painful to live in fear isn’t it? Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch!”
“Oh, I agree!”
“Wake up. Time to die.”

130319-blade-runner-vinyl-reissueWhat’s always fascinated me about movie soundtracks is how the music can sometimes be more telling of what a film’s central theme and tone is more so than the film’s own characters and setting. Vangelis’ legendary score for the 1982 cult classic, Blade Runner, is no exception. Blade Runner is a film centered mainly on death. In the film it’s the year 2019 and it is heavily implied that the planet Earth is half past dead, animal life is very minimal, and the population only gives a damn as much as the last generation did. Four androids, or Replicants, are in a struggle to extend their own limited life spans, and the film’s lead, Deckard, serves a very antagonistic role as he hunts down and basically murders the Replicants.

IMG_1871A vibrant, but dangerous future, Blade Runner represented the kind of world everyone hated to love. It was gritty but colorful, dangerous, but also very appealing. The world presented in the film is probably one many people wish they could see with their own eyes, but certainly not one they would wish were a complete and total reality. Vangelis’ score perfectly compliments the world of Blade Runner with its own melancholic sounds and moody electronic vibes. This soundtrack is just bursting with music that is both beautiful and strangely unsettling, wonderfully supplementing the themes and moods of this classic film. And finally, it’s gotten the vinyl re-issue that both fans of the film and Vangelis have been clamoring for, courtesy of Audio Fidelity. Included on the red hot record are twelve tracks:

1) Main Titles
2)Blush Response
3) Wait For Me
4) Rachel’s Song
5) Love Theme)
6)One More Kiss Dear

1) Blade Runner Blues
2)Memories of Green
3)Tales of the Future
4)Damask Rose
5)Blade Runner (End Titles)
6) Tears In Rain
IMG_1872Those of you familiar with the film and it’s score already know what to expect from a release such as this. Personally, I would say that my only disappointment with the score is that some of the best pieces Vangelis had written for the picture didn’t make the final cut. Two amazing songs that come to mind are “Rachel’s Song” and “Wait For Me”. “Wait for Me” is probably the most atmospheric piece on the soundtrack, an electro-jazzy rhythm that actually made me want to get up and dance. Seriously. “Rachel’s Song” is heartbreaking, depressing even, but an absolute thing of beauty. Why these two pieces didn’t make the cut, though, we’ll never know. But honestly, I’m no music critic, so I can’t put into words exactly how I feel about these pieces and what I think about Vangelis’ work on Blade Runner as a whole, so I implore you, go out and buy this album! There’s some great stuff to be heard on this soundtrack.
IMG_1873As for the sound quality, it is quite possibly the cleanest I’ve ever heard on a vinyl record and it even rivals the sound you generally get from a digital source. The sound almost reminds me of the kind of sound quality Warner Bros. presented on Blade Runner’s 25th anniversary Blu-Ray release. So, I salute the guys and gals at Audio Fidelity, for mastering such an epic soundtrack and pressing it to vinyl for all Blade Runner fans, and music enthusiasts, to hear. I’d say more, but what could I possibly say or write about Blade Runner that already hasn’t been said or written? Get this soundtrack. On vinyl, or on CD, you need it in your life.


Interested? Purchase the Vinyl: http://www.amazon.com/Blade-Runner-Original-Soundtrack-Translucent/dp/B00BSTVEDE/

Demand is high so get your orders in as soon as you can!

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