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Disney to Reboot the Rocketeer?

Word has just hit the street that Disney may be considering to reboot The Rocketeer. I guess it’s only natural, considering that superhero films have been a hot commodity in the cinema for the past decade or so. Not to mention, Disney has tried time and time again to reproduce the smash hit they’ve had with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Will they strike gold again, or will the Rocketeer go the way of Prince of Persia and John Carter? I think it’s obvious Disney’s desperate to rake in the big bucks again.

Many fans are already crying out in protest, but I’m very much indifferent to the whole thing. Remakes are to be expected; it’s what Hollywood has become. However, the original Rocketeer isn’t a perfect film, and there’s certainly room for improvement. I can truly only be optimistic about this project if Disney has some very interesting writers step forward to guide the whole thing into fruition. At the moment, Disney hasn’t really confirmed anything is happening, except that they’re going to be talking to some screenwriters and listen to their takes. It seems as if they’re simply examining the potential of a reboot. For now.

But if the reboot does go through, who should play Cliff Secord? I’m thinking Cliff should be played by either Ryan Gosling or Burt Young.

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  1. This is actually quite interesting. Last year, I wrote a small piece about Joe Johnston saying he’d like to direct another Rocketeer movie. Now, Disney is actually exploring the possibility? Awesome! Yeah, some fans are gonna cry foul, but the original Rocketeer wasn’t all that bad IMHO. Let’s just hope they don’t screw it up.

    • I remember actually suggesting Disney to try and reboot the franchise, now that I think about it. I get paid a little bit of money to fill out surveys and take part in discussions with them from time to time, and they’ve got these message boards where we’re able to pose any questions or make any suggestions we want, and our comments are actually passed onto the executives. At least, that’s what we were told. It’s possible I might have triggered something. It’s also possible I triggered the Blu-Ray release. It was actually one of the first things I brought up when I became a member of their survey community.

      Anyway, I wold like it if they got Johnston back to direct the reboot. Though it was a bit flawed, he really made the original Rocketeer work on so many levels. He’s also refined his technique quite a bit, so watching Cliff Secord don the rocket and jet through the skies could be something real special to see again. Actually, I think I might log into the community sooner or later and let them know to bring Joe Johnston back. Hey, it might actually work!

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