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Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40 DVD Review

Intro: After three “Evening With” DVD’s comes Kevin Smith’s fourth live Q and A DVD, tilted Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40. Instead of going straight to DVD as the previous three had, Too Fat premiered on Epix HD, which was also instrumental in the production of the special. After its run on Epix and Netflix shortly thereafter, Too Fat made its way to store shelves thanks to Shout! Factory in the form of Blu-ray and DVD. The special is also made available in the Shout! Select Box Set Too Fat for 40 and Smodimations: The Smodcast Cartoon Show. The box set includes the regulars 2 disc DVD version of Too Fat for 40 that can be found in stores.

The Special: The special itself should be familiar if you’ve seen any of Smith’s other specials. Too Fat was filmed on Smith’s 40th birthday at the Count Basie Theater. Being three years after his last Q and A DVD, this is the first one since Smith was thrown off a Southwest Airlines plane. Throughout the course of the Q and A, Smith only answers one question. However, that one answer includes hours of stories and tons of tangents. Topics covered include getting busted for weed on the way into Canada, Bruce Willis, and the whole South West incident. All of these stories, except maybe one or two, should be well know to long time listeners of Smith and his many podcasts. However, if you are a casual fan of Smith and don’t follow his podcast, this should be an enjoyable watch. And even if you are an avid fan, in a few years after you’ve forgotten some of these stories, this should prove to be an entertaining watch.

The Special Features: Unlike the average Kevin Smith DVD, this one is not jam packed with extras. That’s understandable, because this is just a Q and A DVD. There are only two features present, but these two bonuses are great additions to this DVD. The first is a bonus Encore Q and A. Personally, I found the bonus Q and A more enjoyable than the main one. This is mainly due to the fact that more questions are asked and Smith doesn’t just tell stories we’ve heard already, but instead answers questions from the fans (and some of these questions are very unique.) The second feature is The Secret Behind the Stash, which is more than the title leads on. Only the first half is an inside look of Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash (which is where the AMC show Comic Book Men, which premieres this Sunday, takes place.) The second half is a look at how Smith’s Q and A’s are put on and filmed. We get interviews with the two Co Directors, the Cinematographer, and a behind the scenes look at the Q and A. Overall, these two features are very welcome additions to the DVD.

The Packaging: Too Fat for 40 is released by Shout! Factory and is in their standard clear keep case. There is a picture of the stage printed on the back of the cover, which is viewable thanks to the clear case. The only insert is a piece of paper with ads for Smodimations, Smodcast.com, and Epix HD. The two discs have full color artwork of Smith on them. While the packaging is nothing special, it doesn’t need to be, it’s the content that matters. I can’t speak for the Blu-ray, because I bought this as part of the Shout! Select Box Set which came with the DVD version. I do know that only the main feature is on a Blu-ray and the bonus disc is on a DVD, so it might be worth it just to stick with the DVD, especially if you’re looking to purchase Smodimations.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40 is a welcome addition to the live Q and A series Kevin Smith has been releasing for many years. While the stories may not be new, they are guaranteed to make causal Smith fans laugh and will most likely make the die hard fans chuckle in future years after these stories are long forgotten. Recommended.

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