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Netflix Picks for the Week of 6/8/2014

And Netflix Picks strikes again with 5 things you should definitely watch on Netflix.

1. Orange is the New Black Season 2

Where the fuck have you been? OITNB is one of the best series ever. This season continues to impress. Nearly every episode ends with something that makes you want to immediately play the next one. The ending of the show is incredibly cathartic… again. That seems to be the running theme of this show.

2. Machete Kills

A ridiculous action flick that outdoes the original and teases and even more ridiculous third film. Machete Kills moves from one ridiculous story moment and set piece to the next, and does so with the sort of bravado that only Robert Rodriguez could pull off. Some how, Danny Trejo pulls this all off convincingly at 70 years of age (69 when the movie was filmed).

3. Nicolas Cage Bless America

Bobcat Goldthwait knocks it out of the park with this scathing criticism of the society we live in. An unlikely friendship forms between an aging man and a young woman who go on cross country killing spree, murdering everyone who devalues the American culture in the eyes of the protagonist. Hilarious black comedy at its best.

4. Pain & Gain

I’m going to say it: this is Michael Bay’s best film. The performances by Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are amazing. They play two incredibly insecure guys who look like they should have great self images, but they really just end up being neurotic and manic throughout the entire film. It is a ridiculous film that seems to get off track, but at one point the movie stops to remind you that it is actually based on a true story.

5. Don Jon

Rarely do romantic comedies take the perspective of men. Rarely do they do it in such an honest and true way. Joseph Gordon-Levitt writes and directs in an interesting and organic manner. Watching Jon go through the motions with Barbara is upsetting, because you can see from an outside perspective all the things that are wrong with their relationship. As one of few real romantic comedies legitimately made for men, this film is a must see for anyone who has every wanted to see the other side of the story.

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