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Quick Shop (2011) – Short Film Review

QuickShopPoster2011-02-25The problem I have with most short films is in the title: they’re too damn short. Sadly, Quick Shop is yet another example of a short film that tries to do too much, leaving you wanting more. Most movies based on shorter films are simply longer and more thought out re-imaginings of the original. Part of me really wishes this movie would get that treatment, because the idea behind it is solid enough that it deserves more attention. Even if it is just another horror flick with clichés liberally spread throughout, it’s a pretty fun ride regardless. At 13:30, the running time for this movie just isn’t enough to fully develop or explain the concepts shown throughout. That being said, it’s hard to complain about a movie that is this easy to sit through.

Quick Shop starts off with a random shot of an unexplained murder. We then cut to two guys in a car, driving down the highway and shootin’ the shit. Sound confusing? Well, it is at first, but it will be at least partially explained in the end. The two guys, Trevor and Hunter, stop off at a convenience store in the middle of nowhere so that Trevor can take a piss. While waiting for his friend, Hunter gets bored and wanders into the store as well. At first there’s nobody in sight, but eventually it becomes clear that not all is well. The shopkeeper has locked them in the store and they can’t seem to find a way out. Will Trevor and Hunter make it out of the quick shop? Or will they meet their doom just because they had to take a piss? You’ll have to find out for yourself in this fairly well made short film by Martin Binder.


Perhaps the most shocking thing about Quick Shop is just how well produced it is. Yes, it’s a short horror flick made on a low budget, but the filmmaker clearly knew what he was doing. The editing and cinematography are all very well done, and even the unseasoned actors do quite a good job with their roles. Like I said, by the time this was over I just wanted to see more. While this is a shortcoming of the short film, in this case it also says a lot about how well the film was made. Part of the reason I wanted to see more was because of all that was left unexplained, but I was also curious because of how likable the characters were. It might not be the best short horror flick you’ve ever seen, but it is fairly entertaining. As of right now, Quick Shop isn’t available for sale just yet, but keep your eye on the film’s website for the latest news on this one. If you’re interested, check out the trailer below and let him know that you’d like to see it.

While it suffers from some of the same problems that most short films do, it’s entertaining enough that you won’t regret spending the 13:30 watching it. You’ll notice similar themes to your average low budget horror flick, but it really is fairly original and entertaining. Check this one out when you get the chance.

Quick Shop


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