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Top Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

Happy New Year, geeks and geekettes! I hope everyone had a safe and rejuvenating holiday, and I hope you all took some time out to see some good movies. Before we get down to it, I’d like to name my favorite film of 2014 (not that I saw many) and that would be Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It might be in the same class as The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, and The Road Warrior in terms of a ‘perfect’ sequel – it builds upon the predecessor, surpasses it, and lays the groundwork for more down the line.

Now then, let’s talk about 2015. Who knows? it could be the biggest year in the history of Cinema. There is a lot of original content to talk about, more than a few sequels, and wild cards that look to be riding the thin line between “good” and “bad.” Plenty of bank accounts are going to be drained by the end of the year, so let us look at my picks for the top ten movies that I’m most hyped to see this year. Again, this is MY personal list and not an official list, so I’m not saying one movie will be better than another movie or vice-versa.

Of course, with just ten slots, I had to cut a few.

Honorable Mentions

Ted 2, Pixels, Get Hard, Terminator: Genisys, The Peanuts Movie, The Fantastic Four, Ant-Man

Small or Big, Win or Fail.

Small or Big, Win or Fail.

That’s how many great flicks are dropping in 2015 – sequels to Ted and Terminator get regulated to the honorable mentions list. That being said, I have more confidence in the sequel of an r-rated bear than the franchise that Arnie built, and that’s kind of sad. To be fair, I still haven’t seen Terminator: Salvation, but it seems by the looks of the trailer that it won’t matter, as EVERYTHING seems to be changing.

The comedic stylings of Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart come together in Get Hard, when Hart’s character teaches Ferrell’s political character how to survive prison before his sentence. Pixels follows the story of aliens invading Earth by bringing famed video game characters like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong to do their bidding. Bring up screen, throw wallet. Sounds like a great premise, almost Wreck-It Ralph for real. Speaking of animation, The Peanuts Movie comes center stage as we see if Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang can prove if the oldies are still goodies at the box office.

Finally, let’s talk about the comic book wild cards of 2015 – The Fantastic Four and Ant-Man; both have great casts, and from the leaked pictures and banners, seem to be on the right track. I myself, along with many others, really enjoy the two previous Fantastic Four flicks – but if they can bring something else to the table, I’d love to see it. No one would have ever thought you’d see Paul Rudd in a Comic Book Movie, but I like the kind of casting choices you don’t expect. He’s got all the talent to knock it out of the park. I’m long-winded just talking about the honorable mentions. What can I say, there’s just too much to talk about when it comes to the films of 2015. Let’s finally start the countdown off with number ten,

10. The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?

(Directed by Jon Schnepp)

With help from fans, this documentary about the rise and fall of a proposed 90’s Superman film called Superman Lives has come true. Until I saw this trailer, I had no clue that the Superman picture in question was this close to being made.

Alas, it never came to be, and now I’m thrilled to see just what happened. Interviews with the writer Kevin Smith and director Tim Burton alone are enough to make me throw my wallet in the direction of the filmmakers.

9. It Follows/Crimson Peak (tie)

(“It Follows” Directed by David Robert Mitchell) (“Crimson Peak” Directed by Guillermo del Toro)

What a shocker, horror on this list. It Follows looks like classic ’80s terror a la Nightmare on Elm Street and sounds like Carpenter’s Halloween. It takes something so innocent and pure as love and spins it on its head when evil is introduced. Virgins Be Warned.

Guillermo del Toro can do no wrong in my eyes. He has produced dozens of great projects, directed a movie with monsters fighting robots, and gave us Ron Pearlman decked out in red, shooting big guns. The man knows how to make the good stuff, and now he wants to makes a haunted house flick starring Tom Hiddleston (Loki himself). Sold, where’s my seat.

8. Victor Frankenstein

(Directed by Paul McGuigan)

Creator and Companion.

Creator and Companion.

Picture this: James McAvoy as Victor Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe as Igor. This casting sounds amazing and I can’t wait to see how good the chemistry will be between these two. Plus, this story will be told from Igor’s perspective – Brilliant.

To my knowledge, I can’t remember if that’s ever happened (Editor’s Note: It has been done, sort of). What could be better than this? The script will be written by Max Landis, who also co-wrote the surprise success Chronicle and is the son of legendary director John Landis.

7. In The Heart Of The Sea

(Directed by Ron Howard)

Thanks to his performance in Rush, Chris Helmsworth continues to show the world he’s more than a superhero with a hammer, and this looks to be his best non-MCU role yet. Based off the book, this movie tells the harrowing tale of the crew of the Essex and how they survived the sinking of their ship by an enraged sperm whale. Sounds familiar, right? To answer your question, Yes – this is the incident that inspired Herman Melville’s classic novel, Moby Dick.

Thor vs. A Whale. If anyone can make it work, it’s the fella behind Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind. Plus, the script is being co-written by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver – the same team behind the brilliant Rise & Dawn of the Planet of the Apes films. With an award winning director at the helm and two excellent writers on board, this is sure to be one hell of a ride.

6. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

(Directed by J.J. Abrams)

Let the riots begin. I can’t tell you how many ‘Most Anticipated’ lists I’ve seen that have had this film as number one, and that’s totally cool, but not for my list. As of writing this article, I still have NOT seen any of the Star Wars films (I know, I know), but by December 18th, I vow to change that (Editor’s Note: We here at G33k-e are entirely ashamed of Raptor for neglecting this incredibly important franchise). I wish Disney would re-release the original trilogy back to theaters along with Episode VII. I’d pay top dollar for that experience.

We have Luke, Leia, and Han back as well as C-3PO and R2-D2 on a brand-new adventure, as well as a new generation of Jedis to root for. Everyone and their mama is going to see the newest chapter in a galaxy far, far away.

5. Inside Out

(Directed by Pete Docter)

From the same director of Monster’s Inc and Up, this film takes us on a trip into the inner mind of a little girl, featuring the joy, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness that ensues. In fact, those are the names of the main characters.

This could bring Pixar back to the promised land and out of the era of so-so sequels and prequels. The less I know about this picture, the more hyped I am for it. All I need to know is that Lewis Black is voicing Anger. Take my money right now.

4. Mad Max: Fury Road

(Directed by George Miller)

What a lovely, lovely day! For years, I’ve heard about the greatness that is the original Mad Max trilogy with Mel Gibson. This is yet another trilogy that I have not seen, but since watching the trailer for the fourth installment, I promise to right that wrong. This picture has been almost a decade and a half in the making.

Having been done about three or four years ago, you’d think with the amount of production problems Fury Road has had that it would stink. The trailer, however, says otherwise. Beautiful shots, incredible action, and a lot of the special effects look practical in a world full of CGI overkill. Sign me up!

3. The Hateful Eight

(Directed by Quentin Tarantino)

Snow, Blood, and Revenge. Oh My.

Snow, Blood, and Revenge. Oh My.

Another trip to the Church of Tarantino? Save me a seat and save another dozen for all my friends.

I’m so glad QT decided to do this picture even after the script got leaked. He licked his wounds and tweaked the script, and from what I hear it may be his best work yet.

Supposedly, this is a group revenge story somewhat like The Magnificent Seven, which itself is an American remake of Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece, Seven Samurai.

The cast alone is making this look brilliant, as it stars the likes of Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Dern, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, and Kurt Russell. These dynamic actors are sure to add a nice spark to yet another film made possible by one of the finest auteurs of our time.

Make room for another Best Original Screenplay Oscar, QT.

2. The Avengers: Age Of Ultron

(Directed by Joss Whedon)

Of course this made the list, are you kidding? Marvel Studios had a banner year in 2014. First they gave us one of the most adult and thrilling pictures on screen, Captain America: The Winter Soldier; later they gave us an excellent film that was the complete opposite in tone, Guardians of the Galaxy). Now, here we are – all the players are back together to face perhaps their biggest challenge yet (pardon the cliche), Ultron. Everyone has seen the stunning trailer, and just like with The Force Awakens, you know that we’re all going to see it. In Marvel We Trust.

Now, you may be asking yourself – if Age of Ultron is number two, what could rank as number one? Well, if you know me, you’ll already know what’s coming next.

1. Jurassic World

(Directed by Colin Trevorrow)

No amount of lightsabers, desert sand, or comic book movies can compare to the orgasmic level of excitement I had when I first played the official trailer for Jurassic World. Dinosaurs were as much a part of my childhood as wookies were for kids in the 70’s and 80’s. The original Jurassic Park stands the test of time as a film I could watch every hour on the hour and be blown away every single time. Although I don’t think JW will leave that same impression, I’m just glad to see this universe on the silver screen once again.

Chris Pratt has traded in the rest of the Guardians for a pack of “trained” Velociraptors. We, the audience, finally get to see John Hammond’s vision come true, which of course means that something is going to go wrong. Here’s my entire bank account, give me the movie now!

There it is, folks. This is my list of flicks that I’m most hyped to see this year. Does your list look similar? Totally different? Comment below with the movies you can’t wait to see, and as always, thanks for reading and Stomp It.

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