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Trailer Park Boys 3 Interview With Bernard Robichaud AKA Cyrus


Recently, we had the pleasure to be able to talk with a truly great actor, Bernard Robichaud. You may know him better as the character Cyrus from the hit television show Trailer Park Boys! He’s going to be starring in the latest Trailer Park Boys movie which is currently in production and set for release sometime this Fall, so we took some time to sit down with him and talk about his time on the show. Not only did we get some amazing insights to the creation of his character, but we also got to hear his thoughts on the new movie and the possibility of an eighth season for the much beloved show. It is our sincerest pleasure to be able to share this interview with you, the fans. I hope you all enjoy it and I hope you’ll check out Bernard’s website and support him in all of his endeavors. He truly is a great guy!

tumblr_mh23n4raeT1rlj4bco1_500I just want to say that it’s a real pleasure to be able to talk to you today. I absolutely love the Trailer Park Boys; a lot of the “G33k-e Crew” as we like to call them, they love the show, we have a lot of friends who love the show and they were absolutely stoked to hear that we’d be able to talk to you today.

Oh, right on man. Well, you know, really the pleasure is mine. Thanks for thinking of me and bringing me on.

Oh, no problem. Looking back on your time in the role of Cyrus, you had the incredible opportunity to be there at the cusp of what soon became a phenomenon, starring in the very first episode of the series. What was that like?

Well, you know, it’s the Maritimes and Canada. Barrie Dunn and I, we went to see the very first movie together, because we knew Mike very well. Barrie thought that there was something going on, so the mere fact that they finally convinced somebody to give them funding in order to do Trailer Park Boys, I mean honestly, we were just happy that we got 6 episodes. I mean, I was happy to get the one that I got. I remember doing season two and Cyrus did 4 episodes there; it ended up being just the one – edited into one, which is a sad thing.

But I remember doing season two and Robb and I were in the classroom, we were standing outside the classroom before we did that scene and we were looking at one another and he goes “Man, can you believe? We got like seven more episodes this year!” and I said “I know, man! It’s crazy!” and he goes “yeah, yeah, yeah, I know!” and I said, “Man, I been in like four of them, man!” and he’s like “I know, man. It’s crazy! Cyrus’ character is fuckin’ awesome!”

As it turned out, the Cyrus character only ended up getting the one episode. They ended up editing a bunch of stuff together in order to make the one episode for season two, but there was a lot of stuff that, you know – because I know that J-Roc had a rap party and initially Cyrus drove up with Lucy, because Cyrus was bangin’ Lucy in season two. So Lucy and Cyrus drive up to J-Roc’s rap party and Cyrus plays April Wine on air guitar, there was a lot of great stuff that just never made it to the series for that character in that season.

Back to your question, you know, I’m just grateful to work when I do get to work. I love doing it, so whether it’s Cyrus or whatever the case might be, it’s a privilege to be able to work in the industry. For me, I was grateful even then just to get the first episode. I don’t think any of us knew – In season one we definitely didn’t know what we had, we didn’t know it was going to go the way it did. Who knew it was gonna be syndicated in 20 countries at this point? Yeah, we’re going down in television history, I guess, along with shows like M.A.S.H. and Seinfeld.

l (1)Yeah, absolutely. So how did you come to be Cyrus? What was your reaction to getting the role?

Well, like I said, I knew Barrie Dunn and I knew Mike from before. You know, I kinda grew up in that kind of neighborhood. The jacket was mine.

Oh, really?

Yeah, I bought that when I was living in California. So the Jacket was mine. I drove a Cab for a long time when I was trying to become an actor. It was the only job I could keep because I could come and go as I pleased, go and audition when I needed to, I didn’t have to answer to anybody, you know what I mean? It was just a very easy job in that regard. I was able to make a lot of money while I was doing it and live a pretty decent lifestyle while I was driving.

You get 20-30 people through your car everyday, so you’re basically acting with every different character – with every person that comes through the car. So that was just a great experience to be able to do that and to be an actor. I guess I was always a bit of an athlete, but because I was driving cabs, you know I drove at night, so there’s a bit of a persona sometimes that you have to kind of portray, so you don’t necessarily have to deal with the guy that had too much to drink and now he’s all testosterone’d up and feels like he can take on the world. Not that I’m a small guy at 6’1”, 220 lbs, but you know it’s funny, the bigger you are, there’s always that guy that feels like – I’m faster than him, I’m 5’8”, I’m 110 lbs, I can take this guy!

Yeah, hahaha!

You know, back when I bought that jacket, that whole “biker jacket and cowboy boot” thing was predominant then. I don’t know if it’s coming back in style or not, but that was part of my own wardrobe. They didn’t have any money for wardrobe when we first started shooting the series. So I brought my own stuff, they asked me if I would and I brought my own stuff. I think because they knew who I was and I was a guy that kinda spoke his mind and didn’t really take any shit from anybody – I mean those guys knew that of me – that’s probably the other reason why I got the audition for the part of Cyrus. Those things, coming from the neighborhood that I did, certainly it helped, there’s no question. I remember Barrie Dunn told me a couple days after I did the audition – they sent the tape off to Toronto for Alliance/Atlantis approval – and I remember Barrie called me up, saying “you know what they said?” and I said “No…?” and he said “Yeah, they said ‘Where the hell did you find that guy?’”


Barrie just kind of laughed, because at that time they were kind of pushing for another actor in Toronto to play the part of Cyrus and Barrie and Mike Clattenburg thought we don’t really need to go to Toronto to find somebody like that, we think we’ve got that guy. I was the guy.

Cyrus1So you grew up in a Trailer Park, so to speak? You lived that life?

No, I grew up in a four-story apartment building on the ground floor. You know, the neighborhood I was in wasn’t that bad, but the neighborhood that was just across the street was, it was a tar paper shack neighborhood. Most of my friends ended up coming from there. A lot of the first guys I met were from that neighborhood and that’s because, you know – you live in an apartment building that size and you’re on the ground floor – the people that were living in the neighborhood that I was in, they all had homes and they weren’t really interested in some kid that was – I was no better than the people that were in the tar paper shack neighborhood. I gravitated towards those guys.

Interestingly, as these other people found out that I was an athlete and that I played sports, that sort of thing changed, but I’m kind of a loyal guy with that, you know? My word is my bond. It may be old school, but I still believe in that today. So the guys I gravitated towards were my friends and it always seemed to stay that way. There’s quite a number of those guys I’m still in contact with today. We don’t see each other all the time, but I still know who those guys are and I can still count on them when I need them, you know what I mean?

Yeah, that’s absolutely awesome. So being from that kind of a background, would you say that Trailer Park Boys paints an accurate picture of lower class life in Canada?

When we first started shooting Trailer Park Boys, I always kind of thought – I never really watched the show because of coming from that neighborhood and I never really watch myself anyway – but I always kind of felt like they were just making fun of people who were either there because they had to be there and they had no other means, or not much more to get themselves out of there. Then there’s the class of people that live in trailer parks that that’s all they really want and they spend their money on traveling and toys and motorcycles, 4×4’s, boats, and all these other things, big trucks.

I think it’s just a place where you get a variety of life in those areas, I think. There’s just some people that, you know, that’s all they can afford because of their job or their means or whatever the case might be. Others, like I said, I’ve gone to some trailer parks and you think wow, is that a trailer? You know, they’ve got the landscaping outside, and it may be one person or just a couple and they’ve decided not to have kids and all they want to do is travel or whatever the case might be. I think you get a variety in those areas and I don’t know that it’s necessarily something I would say that happens in every trailer park. Even with Trailer Park Boys, I mean Sam for a while was a Veterinarian, so I think they tried to kind of show that there is some variety in those neighborhoods. I think probably typically that’s what you might get, because I run into people all the time that say “Oh, I lived in a trailer park, too! It was a great show, it reminded me of when I was growing up.” But again, I don’t want to make that a generalization and say that’s the way it is.

Oh yeah, I’m sure that not every trailer park is exactly like Trailer Park Boys.

And thankfully so! There’s gotta be a bunch of Snowbirds down in those trailer parks. Hahaha!

l (2)

So you mentioned that the jacket was yours and a lot of the role came from who you are as a person, so do you see anything in Cyrus that you see in yourself?

Obviously, I don’t talk as fast as Cyrus, so not really. I kind of modeled Cyrus from guys that I knew from that neighborhood that I knew were drug dealers, fast movers, quick talkers and shakers. I don’t know that I’m that guy, you know. Like I said, I was an athlete all my life, so you know. I grew up playing competitive basketball and hockey, and I was scouted in both. So my days really were spent shooting baskets for hours and hours, or playing ball hockey, or skating for hours and hours. I think the difference for me was that the better I became at those sports, the more time they took up.

There’s always a chain link fence separating you when you’re shooting baskets and the parking lot. There were friends of mine that were out in the parking lot – while I was shooting baskets or playing ball hockey – that were taking the car stereos and those things. I went to school with them the next day, I wasn’t going off and saying anything about it – because I grew up with those people. Some people when they’re put into a situation and they’ve got no way out, you know – you back a rat into a corner and you know what happens. I kind of looked at it in that kind of regard with a lot of my friends.

Some people just feel like that’s the only way they have out. For me it wasn’t, because I had athletics to fall back on and I’m grateful for that. Some of the guys that I grew up with who were maybe older than me were kind of mentors in my life – in my childhood – that were there to help me stay away from those things. I’m quite sure that I could have easily fallen into that same crowd, I mean I didn’t see anything but gray areas. As we see in life in a lot of areas, it’s not just people in trailer parks that are committing crime.

Yeah, exactly.

I don’t fault the guy that has very little and is worrying about whether or not he can feed his kid on the weekend. I look at somebody else who’s got all those things and is complaining that he had a bad day at the office. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shitting on any of those people that pursue whatever lifestyle they have, I’m not trying to segregate or anything like that. I’m just saying shit happens out there in the world and we do what we have to do in order to make ourselves or make our situations better sometimes.

cyrusYeah, I agree. We’re all really big fans of Trailer Park Boys and I feel like that’s one of the messages of the show in a way. When I told some of the writers on the site that we’d be doing the interview, they immediately started quoting Cyrus.


How does it feel to know that there are legions of fans out there who are quoting your work?

It’s funny, right? I never really thought that, um – I’m not sure, do I get bleeped on this?

No, no bleeping here.

I never really thought “Fuck off, I got work to do” and “Fuck on” and “Fuck down” and “My father told me he’s proud of me once, fuckin’ prick.” I never thought really when I was saying “See this? Pretty nice. Father gave it to me when I was in grade 7. 9mm. Safety? Always off.” At the time I never really even thought twice about whether or not people were going to be quoting Cyrus. It’s just weird that he seems to have had an awful lot of great lines throughout the course of the series, it’s weird in that regard. I don’t know why it is, I mean I’m kind of grateful. I think somebody told me you can Urban Dictionary “Fuck off, I got work to do.”


I thought that’s wild, okay. I never really expected it to go that far, but it’s not just season one. I think from every episode Cyrus is in, there always seem to be like a catch phrase or a catch line that people gravitate towards. “Fuck off, I got work to do” and “Safety Always Off” seem to be the two most famous lines, but there’s other ones. Even season five has some great lines in it when I had the flappy bird brothers with me. I don’t know why that is, but it’s pretty cool, there’s no fuckin’ doubt about that, man. Shit, I think there’s lots of people that wish they could be quoted like that. I mean, there’s a lot of great movies and a lot of great actors who have had some incredible lines and speeches throughout film and television history, so it’s kind of interesting to be a part of that, in a way.

One of the more popular lines from the show inspired us to ask this next question: Exactly what work is it that Cyrus has to do that requires people to fuck off?

Hahaha! I’m not really sure. You know, it’s funny though, when he’s saying that line: I always kind of marveled when I first came out with that “fuck off, I got work to do” and then walk away. Hahaha! Nobody else is moving. “Fuck off, I got work to do,” and nobody else moves. He just walks off.

Hahahaha! Yeah!

I always thought that was kind of funny afterward, I never really thought that anything would come of that. Thankfully though, because the line was used so much in the first couple of seasons or more – season four even, I think – I’m not sure it was in season five, I know Mike had some different things he wanted to try, because it was almost over-used in a way. Even in the new movie we’ve changed it around a little bit. I mean it’s there, but it’s changed to kind of suit the situation (and I’m not going to get into that, so don’t ask me).

Okay, hahaha!

But it’s still there, and maybe if we ever do another movie or a special, maybe we’ll be able to use it again. I certainly get to use it a lot when I’m on tour, so it never really dies. Whenever I’m traveling, everybody always wants me – you know, when I’m signing autographs or when they’re buying stuff off my website, it always seems to be “Safety always off” or “Fuck off, I got work to do” that people want on their 8×10’s. With the t-shirt that says “Fuck off, I got work to do,” of course they want me to get “Safety always off” on the back of it, you know? “9mm, safety always off” on the back. A lot of those, oddly enough, I’ve sent down to Texas and the Carolina’s, hahaha! Places where you know that they probably have their own gun there.

Yeah, definitely! Hahaha! The next question is another kind of funny one. What would Cyrus do is confronted by the Samsquanch?

The Samsquanch? Probably beat him with a baseball bat, too. Late at night, come out with a blanket on, thought it was a Samsquanch, yeah. Hahaha! That was a funny scene, actually. I can still see the look on my face when I was reacting to that, you know, I was like “what the fuck are you talking about?” Mike Smith is a pretty talented guy, so some of the stuff that comes out of his mouth is hilarious.

Was it hard to keep your face straight during that?

Um, you know, no. It’s funny, I’ve never really had an issue with trying to keep my face straight during that. It’s funny, when I’m off set or not in a scene, I can chuckle and all that, but when I’m in the scene and in the role, it’s kind of – I kind of equate it to when I was playing competitive sports and you’d have all kinds of people in the crowd yelling and screeching and going on while you’re out there playing your hockey or basketball game. People would come up to you later and say “I was cheering for you, did you hear me?” You’re like “Uhh, no? Sorry.” Because you’re so focused and zoned in on what you have to do at the time that you don’t really pay attention to anything else that’s going on.

I guess the thing about acting is that you’re kind of reacting to what’s being said to you, so if you’re not listening, which is very key, then you can’t possibly do your job. As these lines are coming out, you don’t really listen to that as being funny, because your next line is coming up and you have to react to what the character is saying. The end result is hilarious, in my opinion, because people can hear both things at once, but when you’re really just thinking about reacting to what that guy is saying and you know what your next line has got to be, it’s not as funny in my opinion. Now maybe other people can look at it and dissect it, keep one side of them over here and one over there, but when I’m in front of the camera and the guy says “action,” that’s the furthest thing from my mind. My thing is to get it done in as few takes as possible, so I’m eating up as little time as I can for the entire production.

So they did the show, they’ve done a couple of movies, and all of a sudden they come out and say they’re going to do a third movie. What can fans come to expect?

I think it’ll be their best movie ever, really, and not because Cyrus is in it. There was a time where I really thought that they forgot what made the show popular. It got too structured, too Hollywoodized, I guess. Believe me, I’m not shitting on Hollywood, because I’d like to be able to get some work out of there, but what made Trailer Park Boys work was the fact that it really did look like there was a film crew following these guys around. I found towards the end of it that it really looked more structured than it did from the first few seasons.

Yeah, I feel you on that one.

I really think that what they did for this movie is more like going back to the old school. I think it will be more like seasons one and two with most of the characters from season five except Corey and Trevor. It still centers around the boys, but I think there’s a good little plot there with Cyrus and I think everybody will be happy. It’s never as big of a role as you always want it to be, I guess. At the same time, Cyrus has been around for so long that it’s hard to say what’s a big role and what isn’t. It’s a recurring character that’s within the structure of the Trailer Park Boys, so as long as he still causes shit and he’s still his old self – you know, the Corvette’s around and he’s carrying a gun of some type – it should be good.

So can you tell us more about Cyrus’ role in the third movie?

Nah, I’m not gonna divulge too much of that, really. It’s Cyrus against his old nemesis and it revolves around drugs.

Alrighty then. Hahaha!

But no, that just spoils it for everybody, you know man? And it’ll be out in Fall – Late Summer or Early Fall, soon enough. People will be able to judge for themselves whether or not it was enough of Cyrus, or it was too much, or whether or not they still like Cyrus. You win some, you lose some and that’s kind of the way it goes sometimes, I guess. I liked what was there for the character, I liked it more so than what was written for the character in the second movie, which most of that was edited out anyway and put in the – even though there’s some good scenes in the second one – it all ends up in the outtakes, there’s only just the cameo there of me sitting behind Ricky.

At the time when we did the second movie, I thought geez, I mean – I don’t even know what it’s got to do with, because it doesn’t even have to do with his rivalry between the two boys. It really didn’t. It was one of those things where I kind of thought it had nothing to do with what it was supposed to be  an extension of Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys, the special  but it really didn’t. So when I was doing that movie I thought wow, I don’t even know why I’m here. It didn’t seem like there was any kind of rivalry between me and the boys at all, there was just me initially kissing Ricky’s ass for Cyrus to give him the answers on the test in the classroom. I just never really believed that Cyrus would be kissing Ricky’s ass for any marks, it makes more sense that Cyrus would just point a gun at somebody and just say “give me a 51.” That’s in there, but kissing his ass didn’t really make any sense when he’s got a gun in his hand and he just says “look, I just want a 51. That’s all I need to pass.”

So with the third movie does it feel more like Cyrus again?

Yeah, it definitely does. I’m happy with the work that I did, you know? I don’t know how long it lasts or any of that stuff. The plot is there, I think there will be – if he’s not in the picture, they’ll certainly be talking about him. If you’re talking about him, how much time does he actually need? It’s what he says when he’s in front of the camera that’s going to make the difference, I think. I trust Mike Clattenburg and the writers that they’ve done a great job at making that happen. I think the end result is that, like I said, I think it’ll be the best movie ever.

In that regard, I guess if it is the best movie ever, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the series or with the whole Trailer Park Boys thing once it gets out there, because the growth of it now through Netflix just in re-runs is phenomenal really, when I look at how many fans I pick up in the US. So for the third movie to be their best movie out of the three is rare I think, because usually your first movie is the best one and it always kind of goes downhill from there. You’ve got your Marvel Comics kind of thing, you know? And then you’ve got all that action stuff going on. It’s hard to kind of like – you know, Iron Man and some of these action movies – it’s hard to kind of top the Avengers and all those things, you’ve got so much special effects going on that it’s hard to compete. Trailer Park Boys doesn’t really have all that special effects, it’s just a bunch of idiots that work well together.

Yeah, I’ve been hearing these crazy rumors. We’ve got the new movie coming out and we’re stoked about that, but John, Robb and Mike just made a new video for Swearnet the other day talking about a new season of something coming our way. Could that be season eight of Trailer Park Boys?

Oh, jeez. Is that what you guys heard on Swearnet?

Well, we didn’t hear much of anything, it was all bleeped out. Hahaha!

A new series of something coming out? Is it a new series or a new season?

A new season.

A new season of something coming out? Wow. Well, if it was Trailer Park Boys, that’s great! That could be a little bit more work for me. Hahaha! But I mean, do they not still have Drunk and on Drugs, or is that done, too? I don’t know.

I don’t know if that’s done, but I would like to see a new season of that, too.

I would put the money on Trailer Park Boys new season before I put it on Drunk and on Drugs, just because I think people have been wanting a new season of that for a very long time and wanting the old characters back, so you know. Yeah, shit, if they could put together another 6 to 13 episodes for Trailer Park Boys, that would keep a lot of people happy, there’s no question about that. It’s just a question of who they sold it to, you really don’t have that many options here in Canada; you’ve got Showcase and maybe Comedy Network, as well for the US you’ve got HBO, because of the amount of swearing and content in it, it’d be tough. It would be interesting, though!

I didn’t hear anything. I never really got into serious, heavy conversations when I was on set with the boys when we were doing the movie. We talked a little bit, but mostly about golf and what I was doing for the summer for touring. They were heading overseas and it had nothing to do about that. I talked to Barrie Dunn who is also a producer, there was no mention of it. Certainly if anybody was going to know, they would. It’d be exciting if it was the truth, because like I said, I think there’s a lot of people who are just now warming up to it in the US and I really think that if it did do something and they could get it into the US, if not by the series than by the movie, then it would make – I just don’t know any other series that has ever come back from that sort of – it would be historical, man.

Yeah, it would be awesome. I would definitely welcome that.

I would, too. I just think that it would help everybody’s career if we could get into the US somewhere other than Netflix, that’s for sure.

Oh yeah. So you’ve been on the show multiple times, tell us one of your favorite memories on the set of Trailer Park Boys.

Season five. Season five was, I think, everybody’s favorite season, just because we really had our characters down so well by then; even the recurring actors that had only been in the show half a dozen times or more. It was kind of weird that Cyrus’ episodes always seemed to be the ones that people gravitate to, because everybody wants to see what the bad guy is gonna do. It’s funny that your character could be almost as popular as Julian, and yet be in a quarter of the shows. Hah! It’s kind of weird, but I don’t know. I think my favorite spot on that show was with the Flappy Bird Brothers. We chased Bubbles down the street on the little fruit cart after I delivered that line “We just got robbed by the Hubba Bubble Telescope and his little Fruit Cart!” He zips off and he comes screeching down the trailer park. I mean, we shot that in one spot and then it cuts to the trailer park when we shot the rest of it, him coming down – driving down to the trailer park. So when he shoots that scene, he’s supposed to do a fishtail, you know? Screech on the brakes, do a little fishtail with the cart, jump out of the cart and yell “Boys, Boys! Cyrus!” and that whole thing.

When he did it the first time, he was coming down and he slams on the brakes and he does this fishtail, but at the same time he’s doing the fishtail, the cable of the brakes snaps on the cart. So he’s kind of slowing down, he’s doing a fishtail, everything’s coming to a screeching halt and then all of a sudden the cart just speeds right up because the cable breaks! Hahahaha! And then he shoots head first into this lilac bush! Then the cart comes to a dead stop and he – good thing he had the helmet on, because he – he ends up head first, still in a 90° position, he just went forward and had his head stuck in the lilac bush. He pushes himself out of the lilac bush and jumps off the cart and comes over like nothing even happened, and “Boys, Boys, Boys! Cyrus is on his way!” Well, I wasn’t in that scene, but I thought I was gonna fuckin’ lose it right there. Hahahahaha! That whole thing was like slow motion where that was coming down to a screeching halt and you could see it all coming into play and then – ZING! – like a little cartoon, you know? Hahahaha! And his head’s stuck in there! I always thought that was hysterical.

God, I wish they had that on camera. They probably do, but I’m not sure that they ever put that in the outtakes – fuck, they should have – because that was probably the funniest thing I had ever seen. I mean, short of Bugs Bunny on TV, I just thought that was so cartoon like, it just cracked me up. Everybody on set was laughing, they had to take like a five minute break there. Well, it was probably longer than that because they had to fix the brakes, obviously, in order for him to do it again. Honest to God, for him to just jump off – push himself out of that bush and just jump off the cart and start delivering his line like nothing happened, I thought man, that is funny. That’s probably my favorite thing that happened and it didn’t even include me! I mean, it kind of does because you see him chasing him down, so you don’t see all that other stuff in between, but that was probably my favorite thing that ever happened.

There’s lots of great stuff, man. It’s hard to kind of put it chronologically and say “Oh, there’s this one and this one,” you know what I mean? I don’t know that there’s any real bad parts of it, there’s so many great things that happened within the show that it’s hard to kind of look at it and say “Oh no, that’s the best one right there.” They were all kind of special to me in one way or another, man.

Awesome. Well, that was our last question for you.



Are you joking man?

Nah, I’m sorry! Hahaha!

Man, I had time for like 15 more questions, too! Nah, I’m fuckin’ with you, man.

Hahahaha! We’d like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to speak with us. It’s been a real pleasure, but as a final note, are there any other projects you’ve got on the horizon or any conventions or anything you’re going to?

I’ve got a guy that represents me in LA and one in Vegas, and I know that they’re looking at some of those conventions that you go to and sign autographs and stuff. I don’t know what’s going on with those or when they happen, but I do know that they’re looking into those right now. I am in St. Paris Ohio for Rock The Farm for three days, July 18-20th. It’s possible that – I know somebody has asked me to be in St. Louis, Missouri right after that. There’s also a possibility of being in Vegas for a couple of days to meet my new agents and maybe do a couple of appearances and some TV interviews while I’m out there just to kind of get things rolling in the US. The big push over the next year is to get the Trailer Park Boys only American actor into the US and start doing some appearances and maybe some shows that I’ve been touring with here in Canada for the last three years. We do have an hour of the Cyrus show, which is basically – I don’t know if you’re familiar, the show is called “Who Needs Grade Ten, I’m A Public Speecher.”



It’s basically Cyrus up there talking to people about what it’s like to be a drug dealer, that sort of thing. The ins and outs of being a drug dealer and pimping and stuff like that. It’s always a little bit funny to hear Cyrus’ take on all that shit. We hope to be able to get that into the US in the near future. Probably will be easier once – there’s a little bit of ground work to be laid, but – once the new movie comes out we really feel that this will be a no brainer.

Oh yeah. I’d love to see that, actually.

Yeah, man. Where are you living at?


Oregon? Oh, shit man, you’re only like five states over to Ohio!

Hahahaha! Actually, we’ve got a contributor in Ohio.

Well there you go man, take a mini-bike and fuckin’ join me in July!

Hahaha! Well, if I can make it over I will.

You’ve got a friend in Ohio? Tell him to come see me when I’m there in Ohio, man. It’ll be a lot of fun.

Absolutely. Well, I just want to thank you once more for taking the time to talk with us. I’m sure I speak for fans everywhere when I say I can’t wait to see the new movie.

Again, I thank you for taking the time and thinking about me and inviting me on. It’s very much appreciated! I won’t forget it. It’s always humbling for me to come from where I come from and have people appreciate the work that I have done. Thank you for having me, it’s very kind.

Don’t forget to check out Bernard Robichaud in the role of Cyrus in the new movie Trailer Park Boys 3, set for release this fall. Show some support for Bernard’s work by checking out the shop on his website and buying a t-shirt or autographed picture! Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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