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Trailer Recall: Princes, Dinosaurs, and Things

Three more trailers have caught my eye recently, and we’re here to discuss them. We’re off!

The Little Prince

This was the little trailer that almost NOBODY was talking about that I found on a whim. With that being said, this looks pretty great and could make the castle that Walt built even more nervous, along with the ever growing list of third party animation studios. This animated feature is based off the 1943 book of the same name. Although I haven’t read it, from the looks of this trailer, I might have to take a look. Yes, I might read a children’s book. I have a nephew, so it’s fine.

A child prodigy lives with her controlling mother who dictates just about every second of her life, giving her almost no time for fun. One day, her neighbor enters her life and tells her the story of “The Little Prince.” Her neighbor is an old man called “The Aviator” (voiced by Jeff Bridges), who shows her that whether you’re nine or ninety, fun never grows old.

The voices of Ricky Gervais, Paul Rudd, James Franco, and Benicio del Toro (as well as others) round out the cast. I’m already laughing in the best way, as this is a list of comedy’s greatest stars. To top it all off, I’ll seek out just about anything that includes stop-motion animation, because it’s not around as much as it once was. Thankfully, future realized masterpieces like ParaNorman fill that void.


Fantastic Four

All the recent controversy surrounding director Josh Trank and the production of this picture aside, this trailer got me REALLY excited for this reboot. I, for one, enjoyed and had fun with the early 2000’s FF film, and it’s sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer (minus turning the all-powerful Galactus into a cloud, screw that), but I get why they’re going in this new direction. There’s a more serious in tone to this film, but as seen in the trailer – especially with Johnny Storm/Human Torch (played by Michael B. Jordon) – there will still be elements of comedy, and I’m all for that.

Even in these few frames, we get a sense of the bubbling romance between Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic (played by Miles Teller) and Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman (played by Kate Mara). With that being said, the money shot is our first detailed look at The Thing (voiced by Jamie Bell). I get a true feeling that when Ben Grimm was hit by the cosmic rays, he was put through unimaginable amounts of pain, just like the rest of the ‘family’ – and that’s what I hope the film drives home the most: Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben are more than a team, they are family. This picture might look like a comic book movie, but I would suggest that Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four has its roots in horror as well.

Jurassic World

You knew this was coming, and how could I resist? We have, what should be, the last trailer for Jurassic World – and as if I wasn’t sold on the picture already – a lot of new dinosaur shots, a lot of Chris Pratt, and some new information has come to light. Owen (Pratt) is NOT the pack leader of the Raptor Squad (Blue, Echo, Delta, and Charlie), but is able to get within snout range of the creatures because of a bond built on respect. The raptors seem to be trained to some extent, but it doesn’t mean they won’t hesitate to rip your head clean off.

We get more shots of the gargantuan aquatic creature the Mosasaur doing what she does best: outdoing Shamu at every turn. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out she’ll be one of the highlights of the film. There are also a few snippets of one of the main stars of the Jurassic franchise, Tyrannosaurs Rex – and it has been confirmed by director Colin Trevorrow that this is indeed the same T.Rex that burst onto screens worldwide in the original blockbuster from 1993. That fills my heart with much joy!

One last thing to speak on is the picture’s new “kid on the block,” the Indominus Rex. We get our first full shot of her and she look’s like a beast; something that might even keep Rexy up at night. That being said, what really grabs my attention is wondering what if the I. Rex is communicating with the other dinosaurs and telling them to run amok? From the look of the trailer, the filmmakers are building up the I. Rex to be not only a scary animal, but a smart one as well. This has a chance of playing out very similarly to Rise of the Planet of the Apes, just minus Andy Serkis mo-capping as a dinosaur – which would be awesome.

That does it for me, folks. Thanks for reading and as always, Stomp it.

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