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Watch Responsibly: The Muppets

Hello and welcome to the first of my new series of articles entitled Watch Responsibly! Where I teach you how to play one of my famous movie related drinking games. Today we will be drinking along to The Muppets (2011).

This game will require:

  • (1) Copy of the Muppets (2011)
  • (3) standard shot glasses ( 3 glasses per participant)
  • (1) bottle of liquor (If the liquor is green the provider may skip the first round of shots or issue a shot to all remaining players at a random point in the film)

  • The Rules:

    The rules are quite simple and put into effect at the beginning of the film. If green liquor is present then the provider must declare his choice of the special rules noted above prior to starting the game. Alcohol is to be consumed through a shot glass only. No fewer than one shot may be consumed at one time. No more than three shots may be consumed at once.
    If a player refuses to take a shot during the appointed shot breakdown, he or she forfeits and looses the game.
    Last player still drinking (or standing) at the end of the film wins.
    Shots are to be broken down as follows:

  • Take one shot at the beginning of the film.
  • take one shot everytime a past celebrity guest star is mentioned. (ie Steve Martin)
  • take one shot every time you see a human celebrity cameo. If a cameo last more than one scene (ie Selena Gomez), only the celebrity’s first appearance should be considered drink worthy.
  • take two shots every time a muppet is in frame during a celebrity cameo
  • take two shots every time you see a Muppet’s feet
  • take three shots every time a cast member (human or Muppet) breaks the fourth wall.
  • Take three shots every time a past event from a Muppet movie is referenced.
  • And thats the game! I’d like to thank you for taking part in Watch Responsibly and would like to remind everyone that g33k-e.com does not condone underage drinking or drinking and driving. The consumption of alcohol should always be enjoyed responsibly by adults who meet the minimum age requirements of their specified region. Please make the appropriate arrangements if you are returning home after a night of drinking.

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