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Privacy Policy

We have a strict policy of not recording or using any information you share on this website for any purpose. I could get into the technical mumbo jumbo, but all it really comes down to is that this site is not designed to take personal information in the first place. If you share personal information in the forums or in a comment, it will not be used anywhere by anyone affiliated with the site for any purpose whatsoever. However, you should be aware that it is dangerous to frivolously give out any personal information at all, as anything you post here can be tracked by search engines and eventually end up published all over the web. It is generally a safe bet to keep your personal information to yourself, especially on a website like g33k-e.com. Nobody from g33k-e.com will ever ask you for any information such as your credit card number, social security number, or anything else. The most we will ask for is a first and last name and you are free to make those up as you wish.

Please be warned that any activities such as spamming or phishing in the forum or comments will be dealt with harshly and anyone who attempts to cause harm to any users or perusers of the site may find themselves committing a crime. In the event of such an occasion, there might be cause to contact law enforcement, but somehow I doubt anyone is going to be stupid enough to cause that kind of trouble. This Privacy Policy can and will be updated or changed as it needs to be, but for now there isn’t much more you need to know. Be smart about who you share your information with, but know that if you should choose to share that information, we will not use it for any reason whatsoever as previously stated in this document. Thank you for your time.