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Top 5 Most Shocking Surprises of Geek Culture in 2014 – What Happens Next Will Make You Nerd Rage


It’s that time of the year when every website and their dog have a top 5 list about something. Well, G33k-e has a cat! (Editor’s Note: Her name is Sherlock) 2014 provided some rather interesting surprises in the world of geeky things, so let’s talk about them in great detail. 5. Star Wars: Episode VII ...

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Raptor’s Recall: Top Five Blu-rays


First off, welcome to the first edition of my little review/overview corner if you will: Raptor’s Recall. I’ve been contemplating this segment and decided to give it the greenlight because the more to-heart the article is, the more the reader might identify with you. Mushy stuff be damned! On that note, it’s now been a ...

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Re-Imagined Star Wars Helmets Auction To Benefit The Make A Wish Foundation


Say what you will about George Lucas and his treatment of the Star Wars franchise over the past decade or so. Suffice it to say, at the very least he does have a charitable heart. His youngest daughter Katie and only son Jett were both adopted following the release of Return of The Jedi, and ...

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‘They Live’ Headed To Blu In November


John Carpenter. Rowdy Roddy Piper. Aliens. They Live is a hilariously awesome classic. This story of hidden subliminal messages controlling our society still provides some creepy visuals, and the famous street brawl sequence over a pair of sunglasses (parodied on South Park) is as entertaining as ever. Any fan of science fiction or horror needs ...

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Prometheus (2012) – New Movie Review


There was a lot of confusion going into this movie, wasn’t there? With Ridley Scott claiming that it wasn’t a prequel while the trailer suggested otherwise, it was difficult to make sense of exactly what this film was supposed to be. Now that Prometheus has finally been released, some of our questions have been answered. ...

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At The Movies With Nexus Verbal: MEN IN BLACK 3


When a studio begins to run out of ideas for a franchise, there are only one of two things you can do: Either you take said franchise to outer space, or you’re going to take said franchise back in time, or to quote Pitbull, “Back in Taim!”. Usually, when franchises have taken these directions in ...

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With every facet of Hollywood’s studio system taken over by major corporations, many film buffs are driven to believe that the days of newly born cult classics are over, and that what we’re getting in their place are systematically designed movies that are made simply to cater to multiple demographics. On the contrary, there is ...

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Here on Planet Cult, I am going to attempt to make a regular effort to bring small, obscure, or “cult” films before the eyes of the general public. On occasion however, I may decide to bring a more recognizable film or television show before the spotlight. In a world where the quality of today’s films ...

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