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Trailer Recall: The Bat, The Ant, and The Force


Trailers have just one job: To engage and entice the audience into coming to the theaters in droves to see the film(s) in question. The trinity I’m about to discuss did that in spades. I haven’t done this in a while, so excuse me if I’m a bit rusty. Ant-Man With this first trailer, I ...

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Son of Batman Blu-ray Review


Before I start the review, I just wanted to apologize for not having posted this review sooner. I started writing it when the film was released, but as you might’ve noticed, I haven’t really been writing much for the site due to a pretty busy work schedule. However, things should be getting back on schedule ...

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#WalrusYes: Looking at Kevin Smith’s Tusk


When you hear a title for a movie, you usually get a general idea of what you’re in for. Batman, a tale of a defender of the weak. Pee Wee’s Great Adventure, a tale of  a man-child’s journey of fun. Star Wars, a tale of a nobody coming to terms with his destiny through masterful ...

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Raptor’s Recall: San Diego Comic-Con 2014 (Part 2)


Another day and we’re back with even more news from San Diego Comic-Con. Classic monsters returning and iconic superhero moments captured in live-action, let’s talk Con. First look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman DC might have stolen SDCC for the second year in-a-row with two big pieces of news, but first things first – ...

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Sneak Peeks, LexCorp and Daniel Radcliffe as Robin: The Latest Batman v Superman Rumours


The internet has been flooded with Batman v Superman rumours as fans eagerly await the cinematic superhero clash. This week has been an especially busy one for Zack Snyder’s upcoming film, with LexCorp images, sneak peeks and potential new cast members all hitting the online world. Fans got their first look at iconic super villain ...

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The Crow – 20th Anniversary Retrospective


20 years have passed since the release of 1994’s The Crow. Today, I would like to take a look back at some of the elements that have made this film so popular and discuss why it remains a favourite among so many fans, myself included. The Crow is perhaps most commonly and tragically associated with ...

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The Duality of DC: Or Why Marvel Films Will Always Be Better Than DC Films


I went on a tweeting rampage recently (rampage is defined here as a flurry of posts on one subject) about the duality of the two most popular DC Comics characters after being asked which I liked better Marvel or DC. This is the main reason why I feel that the Marvel films are better and ...

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Justice League: War – Review


Picking up (kinda) where The Flashpoint Paradox left off, Justice League: War is the newest DC Universe Animated Original Movie. This film is based on the first six issues of the New 52 Justice League series, collected as Justice League: Origin. Similar to the source material launched its own universe, this film actually launches a new ...

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