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The Lady From Shanghai – Blu-ray Review


What is the typical film noir? It’s not necessarily a genre, it’s more of a style. After watching a few movies like Gun Crazy, Out of the Past or even this film, that should become immediately apparent. Although they do share similar pulp elements, there’s also something unique about each movie that sets them apart ...

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Blue Thunder – Blu-Ray Review


It’s hard to pinpoint when the super-vehicle became a subgenre in sci-fi and action cinema, but it is a genre that was clearly inspired by the vehicles of James Bond. Blue Thunder is the first in a short wave of super helicopter cinema and television. It was followed closely by a TV series with the ...

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Man of Steel… Film of Play-Doh


I’m not that unique of a cinema goer. Yes, I have a smattering of film school in my background, including time which I spent mostly in The Gasthaus, a tavern located in the basement of UW-Milwaukee (bratwurst on a hard roll every Thursday, heaven on Earth). In addition, my allegiance to the comic book medium ...

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The Tigger Movie Blu-ray Review


Aficionados Chris gives us his thoughts on ‘The Tigger Movie’ blu-ray with a musical tribute to Winnie The Pooh, complete with authentic animation. Did Disney do a good job with this obscure title? Let’s find out… The Tigger Movie is available now!

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Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie Blu-ray Review

Tim and Eric

SHRIM! Today Aficionados Chris reviews Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie on Blu-ray. The full length feature from Adult Swim’s Tim and Eric. This title streets May 8th on Blu-ray/DVD. Special Features: Commentary with Tim & Eric Deleted and Extended Scenes Good Evening S’wallow Valley Featurette Interview with Tim & Eric HDNet Preview Promo Videos ...

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The Muppets (2011) Blu-ray Review and Unboxing

Kermit On Set

Aficionados Chris gives us a song and dance review of The Muppets Best Buy Exclusive Lunchbox and Iron Pack. The Muppets is available right now from all retail outlets. But are these exclusives worth picking up?

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