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Holy Oneupsmanship, Batman! Warner Bros. Announces Its Superhero Slate


I’m sorry, Marvel, but I think you brought this upon yourselves. A day or two ago, it was revealed that Robert Downey, Jr. (Iron Man himself) was in final stages of negotiation to appear in the highly anticipated Captain America III, in what appears to be a cinematic retelling of the Civil War storyline. This ...

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Sneak Peeks, LexCorp and Daniel Radcliffe as Robin: The Latest Batman v Superman Rumours


The internet has been flooded with Batman v Superman rumours as fans eagerly await the cinematic superhero clash. This week has been an especially busy one for Zack Snyder’s upcoming film, with LexCorp images, sneak peeks and potential new cast members all hitting the online world. Fans got their first look at iconic super villain ...

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Could Superman’s Powers Actually Be Possible?


Well, there is new evidence to suggest that his power of flight may have been possible had the super hero actually existed. Okay, so this is essentially pseudo-science, but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities, right? For so long, the tale of a super human being with the ability to fly has been one kept ...

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Justice League: War – Review


Picking up (kinda) where The Flashpoint Paradox left off, Justice League: War is the newest DC Universe Animated Original Movie. This film is based on the first six issues of the New 52 Justice League series, collected as Justice League: Origin. Similar to the source material launched its own universe, this film actually launches a new ...

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Batman: Arkham Origins – Game Review


Before I get started, I want to let everyone know that this will contain spoilers—not massive spoilers—but spoilers nonetheless.

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Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season One – Blu-ray Review


Even though we are living in 2013 and the Blu-ray format has been around for years, it is still uncommon for television shows to be released on Blu-ray. Sure, your top tier shows with a large fanbase — like Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad, — get high definition releases, but  many other series do ...

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Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman


Warner Brothers announced today that Gal Gadot would be their Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film.

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Man of Steel… Film of Play-Doh


I’m not that unique of a cinema goer. Yes, I have a smattering of film school in my background, including time which I spent mostly in The Gasthaus, a tavern located in the basement of UW-Milwaukee (bratwurst on a hard roll every Thursday, heaven on Earth). In addition, my allegiance to the comic book medium ...

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