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Call of Duty: Ghosts – Game Review


Before I get started, I want to say that the Call Of Duty series is one of the most overrated first person shooter franchises of this generation. The fans of the COD series hype the shit out of every game – and every game is the same. Now then, before I go into full on ...

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CinemaCon’s Unexpected Response to The Hobbit


I’ve spoken about this issue on other sites, but I never really brought it up here on G33k-e. As a film fan, there are just certain things that really get on my nerves, and these recent forced changes by filmmakers like James Cameron and Peter Jackson are some of the worst examples of that. In ...

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Crysis 3 – Announcement Trailer


Five years ago, Crytek released a game to PC which is still considered not only a benchmark, but one of the most beautiful games of all time: Crysis. Last year, they released the sequel to varied degrees of success. Some fans loved it, but others complained that it was no longer a benchmark game and ...

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Beta Testing Update with GarbageGamer


The past few months or so, I have been beta testing/waiting to beta test a few upcoming F2P games. This update will be about the games I’ve both tested and that I hope to be testing in the near future. *NOTE* all of these games will get articles on this site once they’re available to ...

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Free PC game of the Week


I figured this week I’d give you guys a video review instead of a written one, ya know to mix things up a bit. I will say this, this game was and is still one of my faveorite online fps games ever. So enjoy the video and check out Tribes 2. Official Website HERE

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Crytek to Develop Homefront Sequel


Late last year, it seemed that most of the buzz in the gaming world was centered around the upcoming game Homefront. With a story that was crafted by the writer of the beloved film Apocalypse Now, John Milius, gamers were starting to get excited by the prospects of this new title. Unfortunately, the game eventually ...

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Tribes: Ascend to Launch Closed Beta


A little while ago, we brought you the news that this awesome new FPS from Hi-Rez Studios would be Free-to-Play. Well, it’s been a month or two and it appears that they are finally preparing to launch the closed beta for this game in the next few weeks. This beta won’t be available to everyone, ...

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Battlefield 3 Won’t Be On Steam – Latest Gaming News


Well, the moment we all knew was coming has officially arrived. The news struck today that the highly anticipated game Battlefield 3 will not be available on Valve’s Steam client. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following EA’s movements as of late, considering they launched their own client to pretty ...

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