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Raptor’s Recall – The Avengers: Age Of Ultron (2015)


Back in 2012, Marvel Studios released their “payoff picture” – what Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger were building up to – The Avengers. I can’t think of anyone who was surprised that it was a MASSIVE commercial and critical success. In fact, some say it’s ...

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Raptor’s Recall: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)


Marvel Studios could now arguably be known as “the happiest place on Earth.” That’s not a reference to Disney buying them out, but a reference to the tremendous product Marvel has continuously put onto the silver screen that make general audiences cheer and hardcore, sweaty nerds squeal like school girls. From Iron Man, to Thor, ...

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Why Wright and Goddard Leaving Marvel Isn’t the End of the World


Friday, the 23rd of May, brought the news that director Edgar Wright would be parting ways with Marvel and will no longer be directing Ant Man. The next day, Latino Review reported and the Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Drew Goddard would no longer be the showrunner of the Daredevil series. Both of these announcements (but ...

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Four Reasons That Drew Goddard is Perfect for Daredevil


As previously reported, Netflix and Marvel have teamed up to make a series of shows based on Marvel’s heroes. One of these characters is Daredevil, the man without fear. While this news is great on its own, the show will only be as good as its creative team. Well, the popular rumor at the time ...

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Netflix and Marvel Team Up to Create Original Programming

Defenders Title

Today, two of the most successful companies around announced a partnership that will rock the entertainment world. Marvel will release four original series of at least 13 episodes each and one miniseries that will release exclusively through Netflix. Marvel will be following a similar strategy that they previously used with their films; the four shows, ...

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